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Psychic Surgery

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Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is not a new alternative therapy.

It has been around since the 1940s and was first pioneered in the Philippines although the way we operate in this country is very different since no physical incisions are made.

All of the work is happening on the etheric/spiritual body to restore imbalances of energy.

Ok so how does it work?

With psychic surgery the healer is in semi-trance, full-trance, or meditative state, and allows the spirit surgeon to channel energy through his hands, rectifying energetic imbalances in the spiritual body.

The spirit surgeon detects those parts of the spiritual body in which disease is developing, increases the vibration of the area affected using the physical healers hands and performs spiritual surgery in a different dimension removing the energetic imbalance. There is a whole team of spirit doctors, surgeons and helpers working on the person in the spiritual dimension.

The entire healing process occurs in a different dimension that we don’t yet fully understand, and with our limited science is currently un-quantifiable. But hopefully in time we will understand and accept the concept of other energies.
Perhaps in the future science will provide the answers we are looking for, but for now we cannot validate the spiritual healing procedure in a conventional way.

Can Psychic Surgery help?

Psychic surgery is able to treat all spiritual imbalances because the spiritual healing is performed by spirit, not the individual doing the work. Many of today’s ailments exist due to an imbalance in the spiritual body.

People that are hearing voices ( in my experience and opinion )in most cases due to some degree of spiritual possession. The existence of spirit and other entities is not widely accepted in the western world at this time.

All imbalance of the spiritual body can be treated using Psychic Surgery by allowing the spirit surgeons to treat the source of the imbalance in the spiritual body. This in turn reflects the healing into the physical body.

The bible also refers to the “laying on of hands” as a mechanism to channel higher energies for the benefit of healing.

Where do we work from?

As well as regular remote appointments for Psychic Surgery we also run demonstrations, give talks at shows, and radio interviews.

Please check the website for more information or use the “Contact Us” form to make an inquiry or book and appointment.