Hearing Voices Research

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Hearing Voices Research

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Hearing Voices Research

Andrew has co-founded the setup of  a complimentary research project along with the eminent Dr Terence Palmer.

Dr Terence Palmer has dedicated much of his life to working with people that are suffering with spirit possession, and together we are using new techniques to help people that are suffering with auditory hallucinations (hearing voices in their head).

We have setup a group of people around the world and are running onsite workshops to teach these new techniques.

To date we have worked with over 500 clients and have a very good success rate in one 1-hour remote session. 

We are now engaging with various research teams and hope to offer people that are suffering with this problem some hope and help.

See below for more information, or ask how you can be helped or involved with the research.

Goals for this research project.

To investigate and understand why people hear voices.

  • What are the typical causes of this problem.
  • Provide proven techniques for practitioners and psychiatry to use.
  • Working alongside the medical profession.

Currently funding is short so if you can help us please get in touch.

We have setup a new dedicated website to provide information see below:-