History Of Psychic Surgery

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History Of Psychic Surgery

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Philippines / Brazil

In the Philippines, the procedure originated in the 1940s with Eleuterio Terte. Terte and his student Tony Agpaoa trained others in his techniques. Terte and many of his students were associated with a religious organization, the Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas (The Christian Spiritist Union of the Philippines.)

In 1959, the procedure became widely known in the U. S. through the publication of Into the Strange Unknown by Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill.

They called the practice “fourth dimensional surgery,” and said “we still don’t know what to think; but we have motion pictures to show it wasn’t the work of any normal magician, and could very well be just what the Filipinos said it was a miracle of God performed by a fourth dimensional surgeon.”

Perhaps the most famous psychic surgeon is Alex Orbito, who became well-known in the U. S.


José (Zé) Arigó, born José Pedro de Freitas (18 October 1921 – 1 November 1971) was a Brazilian psychic surgeon. He performed his healing acts and surgical operations with his hands or with simple kitchen utensils while in a trance, channeling the spirit of a certain Dr. Adolf Fritz.

Psychic Surgery is currently performed throughout the world in different ways and by many different people, like all things in life follow your intuition. Ask questions.

Find others that have received Pscyhic Surgery, look for reviews about the person you wish to see.