Psychic Protection Techniques

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Psychic Protection Techniques

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Advice and Self Help

General Psychic Protection

The first thing we need to fully understand is that just as our clothing offers us protection from the elements like the rain and the wind our aura performs the same function but on a spiritual basis.

The human aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and comprises of a vibration of different energies. This topic is complex and we could discuss the aura at length but for the purpose of this document we will conclude with the idea that to protect ourselves from unseen energies that exist within our dimension the human aura is our shield and first line of defense.

 If the aura is full and working to its best potential then the protection it offers us is very strong, however should the aura become weakened then we are susceptible to attack from other negative energies that exist within this planet that science is yet to investigate.

The aura is naturally strong and in normal circumstances does not need to be looked after or strengthened but under certain conditions it can become weaker.

A full aura extends outwards from the physical body in an egg like shape to around 4ft. We are essentially encompassed inside this egg like shape rather like a baby chicken in its egg shell.

This picture shows the electromagnetic human aura .

How can I strengthen my aura?
The aura can be strengthened by leading a lifestyle that works in harmony with the physical body. Some examples of how to strengthen the aura are listed below:-

Drink plenty of clear fresh water.

 Exercise opens the airways and promotes the flow of oxygen in the blood also helping cellular reconstruction.

 The thoughts you think have more power over you than most people are aware. It is essential to gain control of your mind and train you self to think only positive thoughts. Meditation is the best and most useful method of learning this in my opinion.

 Sea salt is essential, bathing in it and sprinkling it around your house and bed seems to offer additional spiritual protection. Daily use of sea salt baths or showers helps to remove negativity from the Aura.

What will affect my aura negatively?

The aura can be weakened by leading a lifestyle that deteriorates the physical health of the individual. Some of the main problems are listed below but basically anything you do that makes you feel tired and ill will affect your aura:-

 Emotional stress will put a heavy burden on the immune system and this in turn will cause the health of the physical body to deteriorate. Emotions such as guilt, fear, hate, greed, resentment if experienced strongly will start to cause perforations in your auric field.

 Drug use also causes perforations in your auric protection and also opens your etheric body to other dimensions. (This can also include some strong prescription drugs).

 Excessive smoking and alcohol will weaken and shrink your aura.

 In general the poorer the health of the individual then the weaker the aura, and more diminished the auric protection provided.

 Hospital surgery that involves full anaesthetic can alter the etheric protection and cause perforations of the aura. Whilst surgery is underway your spiritual body can be opened up and susceptible to different forms of psychic attack. Again psychic protection needs to be employed before such surgery if possible.

The human aura in summary

The human aura is our vital defense against other energies that exist on this planet that we cannot see with our eyes. Years ago humans thought the world was flat and if you suggested otherwise you would have been ridiculed by science and the general public at large. But today we know since science has caught up and the world is indeed round. We laugh at our forefathers for thinking it could ever possibly have been flat.

This holds true for the unseen worlds that currently exist, science has yet to catch up and provide us with a measure of these new inter dimensional worlds. At some point coming soon science will discover that we are not alone and in fact other energies have existed on this planet well before we appeared in human form. At some point in the future our children and grandchildren will laugh at us for thinking the whole we are the only living entity on this planet let alone all the others in the many solar systems!

It is expected that the Hadron Collider near Switzerland will address some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing humanity’s understanding of the deepest laws of nature.

Until that times comes into our history we remain resolutely naïve in my opinion as to our position as human beings in the galactic soup and very unaware as to how important our auric protection is to keep us from harm. One day we will teach our children that meditation and auric protection is more important than the latest soap on TV, or the football results. Both of which everyone is happy to invest many hours of their time to watch but are unable to find time for spiritual practices that don’t seem to offer any tangible results.

In my opinion your aura is more important to your well being than you can possibly conceive.

Left picture shows a perforated aura, right picture shows a well protected aura

Schizophrenia / Hearing Voices

Many people with schizophrenia may be paranoid or believe that nothing is wrong with them, and therefore may not want to visit a doctor or other health professional.

Others worry if they do see a doctor and explain their condition they may be subjected to biased treatment from the medical profession. Many people that hear voices or have intrusive thoughts are told they are suffering from mental illness.

The medical profession as yet has no diagnosis as to why people hear voices or have negative thoughts.

The conventional treatment is with certain drugs that are administered to the person suffering. However in most cases I have come into contact with the person does not experience much relief but maintains a zombie like state of existence.

If you spend time talking to someone who is hearing voices it quickly becomes apparent they believe they are actually hearing and sometimes seeing another person / entity that they can communicate with. To them the experience is real and really happening.

People that are hearing voices or have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia will suffer from many of the following conditions:-

 Hearing voices

 Hallucinations

 Delusions

 Disorganised thoughts

 Social withdrawal

 Hostility

 Deterioration of personal hygiene

 Inappropriate laughter or crying

 Depression and insomnia

 Odd or irrational statements and odd behaviour

 Odd choice of language and tones

 May suffer with convulsions or fits

Why me?

Since I became interested in the spiritual world it was very apparent that talking to energies that we cannot see is something humans have always done going back into our history. All religious documents such as the bible claim to be written by the hands of a human channelling information from a spiritual source that could not be seen.

We all, every one of us have the inbuilt ability to communicate using telepathic means to other energies we cannot see with our eyes. However few of us wish to develop this part of our genetic coding.

Psychics, mediums and other mystics all over the world claim to be able to do exactly this, communicate with other energies. Again this has never been proved or of course dis-proved by science but the fact remains today that some people believe they are able to communicate using telepathic means to other energies. These people, including myself will tell you that they “hear voices in their head” and they can have a conversation with the voice just as though they were sat next to another human being.

Now the crux of the matter in my opinion is the content of the conversation!

Those people that have developed their spiritual essence and fully implement the techniques of psychic protection are able to communicate with positive energies that provide guidance and assistance in a positive manner. Whilst those people that do not employ the correct spiritual techniques for protection or have a perforated aura are connecting with negative energies that are relentless in the pursuit of general destruction of the individual.

For one reason or another, your aura has become perforated and this is the reason in my opinion you are hearing voices. There can be a host of reasons why this has happened from drugs use to hospital operations.

Ok what now?

If you are hearing voices and are unable to control the volume and the content of the conversation, and you find the voice is always very negative and abusive then you may well have in my opinion a negative energy connected into your auric field that will need to be detached.

Until this connection is broken you will not be able to stop the voices.

Picture showing hows cords connect people together

Self Help Techniques

In a nutshell the only way to remove or detach a negative energy is to build up your auric protection, but since you can’t see your aura that is tricky. How do you know if it’s getting better as you can’t see it and how can you strengthen it quickly.

To make matters worse since you are probably already hearing voices then we can conclude at least one negative energy has connected into your aura and will be trying to weaken you aura normally by inducing fear through verbal insults and also visual methods like waking dreams and hallucinations. Everything is about vibration, for a negative energy to connect into your auric field and assert some type of control over you it must keep your vibration low.

Raising your vibration will literally disconnect any negative energies, and this can be done using many techniques. See below for many techniques I have found to help raise your vibration.

Picture showing negative entities trying to perforate the human auric field

Follow the instructions below to remove negative attachments.

If you feel you have negative entity or spirit problems with yourself or somebody else try the steps below. You will need to so them daily as it will take a while for your etheric vibration to increase and this may then detach the connected energy.

 Drink plenty of water, water will help to detoxify your body helping to increase your vibration. In addition the herbal remedy ivy can be added as this is a highly protective herb to the human body and can be obtained easily.

 Incense sticks will also help to detach a corded spirit / entity, as they contain powerful herbs.

 Sit in meditation and ask your spirit guides to help, if you have never meditated then join a local meditation circle or group, these are plentiful if you look in your local papers and crystal shops and will help you for sure.

 Use affirmations on a regular basis, there are many that can be helpful, I have listed some below.

 Use visualizations invoking protective symbols and images on a daily basis, again see below.

 If you taking part in recreational drug or alcohol abuse stop, this is a negative addiction and will encourage negative energies. Drug use will make it very difficult to detach negative energies.

 Purchase some natural sea salt, sprinkle around all doorways in your property and around your bed not forgetting the front and back door, this stops all types of negative energies from crossing into your home. Fine sea salt is best as you can’t see evidence of it on the carpet. Remember to replace after the house has been cleaned on a weekly basis.

 Fill a bathtub with water and add one medium handful of sea salt (Available at health food stores, department stores, etc.). Take a normal bath, making sure that you dunk your head fully at least once. This will help to remove entity contaminants from your aura and other energetic fields.

 Crystals are also very useful, black oynz and black tourmaline are renowned to help with negative energy. Carry them around in your pocket or in a handbag or use them as an amulet and wear it around your neck. Again your intent is the most important thing, if your intent is such that the crystals you have help provide you with protection then they will.

 Wearing protective amulets has been used since the middle ages as a method of spiritual protection and many new age shops sell amulets, the pentagram is a common choice. Potential amulets include gems, especially engraved gems with protective symbols.

 supply a very good essence to help clear the aura and increase energy. This pomander is very good to use daily for both protection and energizing, drop 3 droplets into your palm rub in both palms and brush hands around your body this will help to strengthen your etheric and spiritual bodies, use daily. Aura-soma deep red pomander. ‘The Energizer and Protector’. grounding and energizing. Both the Red pomanders are helpful for feeling grounded after meditation or any therapy session. Useful for any situation where our energy is depleted. click here to view website.

 Using crystals create a grid around your bed as shown in the diagram. This will raise the vibration and create a safe space within which you can sleep without interference from negative energies. 

1. Purchase 4x either rose quartz, or amethest crystals. 

2. Run cold water over them and leave them outside in the sun and rain etc for three days this will clear them and charge them up. 

3. Take them upstairs and hold them in your right hand together, say out loud the following:- “ I invoke my guides using my freewill to charge these crystals with love and light of the divine essence to protect this space, thank you”

4. Now place one at each corner underneath the bed with the point facing inwards to the middle of the bed, this will focus the energy.

 Print or draw a pentagram and the flower of life ( see on left) on to a piece of paper and place between your mattress and your bed frame. Again this helps to provide essential protection while you are sleeping. Sleeping is a particularly vulnerable time from a spiritual protection perspective.

The lords prayer. Depending upon your religious choice and opinion. Repeat the Lords Prayer or your version of it before bed time and first thing in the morning. This prayer has been used for centuries and carries a huge positive energy that will cause discomfort to attached negative energies. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come; thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.

 If all of the tips above fail then please contact either us or a professional psychic and ask them to check for entity attachment.

Some are able to remove negative energies others may not be able to depending upon the guides and helpers in spirit that are working with them.

Ask them first if they are confident with this type of work.

Removal of negative energies can cause problems for all if not done correctly and the psychic doing the work can find themselves the target of repeated attacks if they are not confident with the method of removal.

Ancient images of negative entities depicted in all languages and religions