Andrew Porter Psychic Surgeon Working With Guide Chen


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Most people are nervous before they contact me, and wonder  what will happen and how “Chen” works with clients during an appointment.

My most frequent question is:

Will Psychic Surgery work for me, can you stop bad thoughts?

Hopefully by detailing some of my testimonials below this will help to provide a clearer picture of real client’s experiences.

Dear Andrew,
Thank you immensely for removing negative energies.
I felt great today. Peace and God's blessings to you and Chen.

Hi, You are so very kind I am moved to tears you are such a thoughtful kind person.
So kind and I am utterly speechless.
My room and house is lighter.
The first night I literally felt an entity being pulled from my sacral chakra area below my stomach area.

Hi Andrew,
Hope you remember me.
Thanks for your help my sister is lot better now.
Most of the sounds in her head are gone. Its just her body is bit week, which I am sure will get better with time. thanks again! J

Thanks for everything yesterday, I would like to know if we should continue giving MXXXXX his anti psychotic medicine.
I checked with him this morning re the voices, he does not hear them any more. Regards P

Hi Andrew, I feel SO different.... At peace for the first time in ages! Thank you, Chen!

Dear Andrew,
Please feel free to use this update as testimonial (or not). This is my third session with Andrew and I have eliminated yet another energy block from my body (root chakra). I have been working on this issue for 20 plus years without success (aggressively). Finally I have had success while working with Andrew.

Hi Andy What a fabulous report and so thorough with all your recommendations.
I was having anxiety this morning at about 10:15/10:20 and felt intense flutterings around my heart but after that I can honestly say I have had the calmest day since I can remember.

No intrusive negative thoughts and just got on with so much work I'm absolutely amazed and so thankful to you and Chen.

For the first time in 3 weeks when I stand up I do not get a shooting pain down my left leg (which was like an electric shock or standing on a sword) there is still a twinge but nothing like yesterday.

I only hope that I can sleep tonight so will let you know if that was possible.

Thank you so much for all your help and compassion I really send my love to all involved in this powerful loving process.

I will work on all your recommendations and will let you know about my sleep pattern I really have faith in this process. Thanks again to you and Chen ! I had an extraordinary experience of healing from Chen, via Andy Porter, some years ago, and after a recent recurrence of the health problems that have blighted my life, I went back for more.
I had an immediate sense of relief on that very day. There is nothing psychosomatic about this, and there is no wishful thinking on my part involved.

The important thing is...it worked!
[Interesting that you recommend Dion Fortune's 'Psychic Self Defence'.
I was her first biographer!] bestest Alan RXXX

Hi Andrew,
I'm happy to report I think the clearing was successful this time.
So I'm very grateful forever to you.
Mostly, thank you for being encouraging when no one else would. You are smart and brave and good like the guy in Tales of Brave Ulysses, the song by The Cream.
Then, also, I think I got better by following your instructions and doing good in all things, and uplifting from undesirable low entities. I take salt showers and drink a lot of water.
Also I am dealing with my personal issues which is for the first time with therapists in my area who I visit once a week.
So thanks again, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for you and your family in the New Year.
Your friend!

Hi Andrew,
Thank You very much for the clearing.
I just talked to my brother, and he says that last night the voices became quiet, and I asked him when did he feel that the voices and the entities were gone, and he said today morning. Right now he feels peace.

Hi Andrew, Really sorry for not getting back to you sooner. James went into hospital the day before the appointment but I have to admit since the appointment he has been much better. I've been trying to figure out if it’s the hospital or what happened with your guide and I've come to the conclusion that it’s your guide that has made all the difference ... Thank you Andy...... I have new faith in the world at last.

Hi Andrew,
I feel as it something has 'shifted' but too soon to say that I feel fully recovered. However, because of the discussion I had with Chen, have a depth of understanding of the problem and am confident that the surgery has been successful.
I am aware that things may take a little while to fully settle down and feel positive and hopeful about the future.
I thought that the environment had a wonderful healing energy and was perfect for peace and relaxation.
Your work is amazing.
Many thanks

Hello Andrew, I want to thank you both so much for finally giving me a the straight answer no one else has.
I have sought help with this trouble from people (mediums) who in light of what you have just said should have been able tell me the same. Feed on the fear. Thank you Andrew, that answers even more than I hoped for. I know where that fear originated too. It is a change in perspective that now lets me see this trouble for what it is. I will read the pages on psychic protection methods as soon as I can tomorrow evening. Thank you once again. M

Hi Andrew,
Since my session I feel so much better. I've been dreaming a lot these last few days, and should really start writing them down again. I'm much happier in my energy and have been so much more productive.
I use my golden globe with the mirror surface throughout the day when it crosses my mind. I've not heard from any of the kids yet, but trust that they also feel freer within themselves.

After 20 years of sounding crazy to people who don't understand the reality of abuse, your session really validated what I know and have had to go through.
Thanks again I started to feel positive effects from the Friday morning, these accentuated on Friday evening and through the weekend. The report made sense to me, although I was hoping for a bit more detail in regards to what was attached to me. I have followed the steps with salt, white sage and crystals - these made perfect sense to me due to past experiences and where I am at the moment.

I feel in a more positive and connected state since the surgery - more optimistic about the future, it is hard to describe but I do feel free-er, able to concentrate and communicate better (this was an issue before).
I have struggled with 'depression' over the years which you alluded to in the report. I was always aware that this was an entity or entities but would lose confidence in this belief during hard times. All I can say is that since the appointment I feel no effects of this and my mind and heart are clear. I KNOW everything will be ok now and I can focus on my true purpose with no hindrances.
I read the documents attached to the email so thank you for these.

Your eBook was really interesting to read and has increased my self-confidence and ability to shape my future.

Hi Andy, I hope you’re well.
I’m just checking in to say that since your interventions I’ve been a different person. You’ve released me from entities, and energies that haunted my most of my life and almost drove me to suicide.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hi Andrew, I am so deeply grateful that you were able to attend to me so quickly. I can’t express how much better I feel today. I have just had the most horrific week and to wake up and feel physically and emotionally better…I’m just so appreciative and grateful. With the deepest of gratitude to you and Chen.

What you did for me in my psychic surgery has been wonderful. I believe you did it on Friday 5th July and since that day, over the few weeks following it was as if the negativity surrounding me, lifted. All the things that annoy me still happen but they no longer seem to stick (if that makes sense) I feel so much more positive and after 6 years of a constant negative murmuring, really its quite, miraculous. I honestly couldn't be more grateful!!