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PersonaL Healthcheck


per person

  • For You or Another Person
  • General Psychic Clearing
  • Curses Removed
  • Black Magic Cleared
  • Witchcraft Cleared
  • Entities Removed
  • Spirits Removed
  • Inter-dimensional Parasites
  • Chakras Opened and Cleared
  • Portals Checked / Closed
  • Psychic Surgery
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LAnd and property


per property

  • Property Cleared
  • Vehicles Cleared
  • Land Cleared
  • Spirits Cleared
  • Ancestral Land Curses Cleared
  • Family Land Curses Cleared
  • Generational Land Curses Cleared
  • Past Conflicts Cleared
  • Past Traumas On The Land Cleared
  • Land Healing
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Business Protection


per business

  • Financial Difficulties Cleared
  • Organisational Challenges Cleared
  • Finance Stream Protected
  • Business Deals Protected
  • Black Magic Cleared
  • Curses Cleared
  • Staff Protected
  • Staff Cleared
  • Business Protection
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Booking Form

Fill in the appointment booking form.
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