Appointment FAQs

Appointments  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please see below the most relevant frequently asked questions for the appointments we offer.

We require respect when contacting us.
Remember, we are people too and we are doing our best to assist you!

We will treat you with respect, empathy, and a genuine desire to find a solution to your problems.
We will however “NOT” work with any clients that are rude, sarcastic or use threatening behaviour.
If we receive this type of communication we will refund payment, and will “NOT” reply to messages or offer “ANY” type of furrther contact  after the refund has been issued.

How will you contact me?

There is no requirement for Andrew to contact you during the appointment. All of the work happens on your etheric body and it takes approx 5 days for the changes made to be mirrored into your physical body.

Do you offer an in-person service, or phone contact?
Andrew does NOT offer a phone, zoom, skype service due to the high number of enquires.
We have tried this in the past and have found if we need to talk with say 10 clients, at 30mins per client then we need 5 hours. Many converstations run into an hour, hence it became far too time consuming to offer this type of service, hence all correspondence is covered using email which is much quicker.

Do you use Skype or Zoom?
Remote appointments do not require Skype, Zoom or any other means of interaction. The Chat’s with “Chen” appointments do use Zoom.

Cost of appointments, why so cheap? Many clients ask why the appointments are so cheap in comparison to other professional healers? The answer is we have always worked with the intention to help everyone we can.
Most of our clients are unwell and therefore are on a limited budget.
If our charges were very much higher we would then be unable to help the very people that require our help.

How do you “find” the person that requests or needs the appointment?
After making contact, Andrew’s guide “Chen” and his team in spirit can identify the person requesting the appointment from their energy footprint, we are all unique.
As soon as we receive an email or contact request, “Chen” and his team can trace that back to the source.
Hence there is no requirement for photos or physical items to be sent prior to an appointment.

Can you book an appointment for a friend or relative?
Yes you can
, my guide and his team will check with the clients higher self for per
mission to proceed with the appointment, therefore they are effectively granting permission.
(Many clients are heavily sedated or sectioned therefore could not provide permission or ask for much needed help!).

Where do the negative entities go that are removed?
They are taken by my guide “Chen” and his team with respect and love to a safe place outside of this dimension and can not return

Where do the earthbound spirits go that are removed?
They are taken in love by “Chen” and his team back to their “home” spiritual plane, they will not return and re-connect to the client.  

Do you provide a traditional “reading” like other psychic “mediums”?
Although Andrew is a psychic medium, however he does not provide “readings“.
We specialise in energetic clearings and spritiual exorcisms.

Are there any risks from this type of spiritual surgery and clearings?
In short, “no” we work with a highly ethical spiritual team.

Once we receive your spiritual report, can we discuss or clarify any points with you over the phone?
Unfortunatley not, we do not currently offer this type of service due to limited time constraints.

Is there any dependancy on you after the appointment?
Absolutley not, we do not “bind” anyone and work with the highest morals and ethics.

What happens to the people that send black magic, curses and occult spells?
We do not indulge in any occult attacks, instead we protect the client and reflect the stream of negative energy being sent, back to the perpetrator.
Attacks generally stop very quickly when the perpertrator receives their own negative energy back.

What do I need to do at the appointment date and time?
At the date of your appointment you can if you wish make yourself comfortable, lie on a bed or relax in front of the TV. However since we are working with our guides on your Etheric Body and not your physical you can be doing anything, at work, collecting the children from school it makes no difference to the appointment.

When do we start the appointments?
Appointment times – morning appointments normally start at around 7.30am GMT, emails are sent in batches and can take a few hours after your appointment time to arrive in your inbox.

When are the reports received?
Andrew will perform the work with his guides and will email you a report of what has been found and what has been done for you normally within a few hours after the appointment or within 24 hours at busy times. Please check your SPAM folder.

Will I feel any pain?
Whilst you are next asleep my guides will visit you and will check the work that has been done on your etheric body. You will not feel pain and will not wake while this is underway.
In the morning most clients report that they feel mentally calm and peaceful.
When will I notice the effects after the appointment?
Physical changes then start to happen over the next week or so as the physical body takes up the changes that have happened to the etheric body, as this is a blueprint of the physical.

Can pregant people book and appointment?
Yes we can work on the mother, this is spiritual clearing work and will not affect the baby.

After the appointment will I feel tired?
Some  clients notice they feel really tired for a few days after the appointment as the etheric field re-balances itself.

Psychic Surgery Appointments
What Is Checked & Cleared?

A general psychic clearing will be performed of yourself, your property and general environment.

You will be grounded and your connection to the earth will be checked, and restored if found to be unsuitable.

My guide “Chen” will identify any negative connections you may have that are not working for your highest good. Working with my own spirit guides we will detach and remove them. (This may remove any past life issues you have brought forward into this lifetime that are holding you back).

Psychic protection will be put around you and your living areas, homes, cars etc.

Any negative energies and entities that have connected into your etheric field will be removed.

We will check for any curses, voodoo, black magic and witchcraft that has been used against you and will stop and clear this if found.

If you are hearing voices (Schizophrenia) the negative energies attached to you will be removed and this will help to stop the voices you are hearing. Please note this method is not a guarantee that the voices will stop. Many clients notice they stop all together, however some only notice a reduced volume of the voices.

If you specify a certain condition, this will be treated by my guide “Chen” and his team. They normally work at night whilst you are sleeping to perform Psychic Surgery. Sometimes during a remote appointment this may continue for a week or so depending upon your condition.

Email Report.
You will receive an email detailing a summary of the work completed. (please check you SPAM as often the report ends up there)

You will also receive guidance as a (pdf) guide providing a list of advanced techniques we have found to be very helpful and a description with images of the attachment problem if you have attachments. This guidance is a pdf file.

I have been in a very difficult spiritual situation myself and I fully understand how you feel.
Being spiritually vulnerable is a lonely place to find yourself when you are searching for spiritual help!

YouTube or BitChute Videos 

Answers to many questions
After appointment guidance and self help