Chen – Animals

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses ANIMALS

Treat Animals Well Slaughter Them Properly 
Keep Humans Healthy

The planet you live on exists in a point of time. In the time and space continuum, this means to you all that you measure linear time by the rising of the sun and the moon.

These planets have been put in place to provide the planet you live on with the correct conditions for all life to exist along with yourself.

Many species of animals exist for the provision of mankind, as mankind is the highest consciousness energy on the planet living and existing in the third dimensional world.

These species of animals have all agreed via contracts that have been put in place to maintain equilibrium of the planet. You call this system nature and if you look around and open your eyes you will see nature is perfect.

Planet earth provides everything required to exist and thrive. Animals have chosen to exist on the parts of the planet that are the right vibration for them and this helps the biodiversity to thrive.

Each animal has a vibration of their own, and also of their species, and this helps to educate and evolve their core group. Just as humans are all interconnected, so are the animals of the planet. Therefore, if you treat them with the respect they deserve they will love you back and their whole species will slowly evolve.

In reverse, if they are treated badly then the whole soul group will change the way they evolve and work with mankind. Time is now in the essence for humans to change the way they perceive the animal kingdom, as animals provide you with substance and nourishment.

If you treat them well and slaughter them correctly, the vibration of their flesh will help to keep the human body in its peak vibration.

If this is not the case the negative vibration of ingested flesh will create disease in the human body. Many current human conditions are caused by the ingesting of negative vibration flesh.

Animals are keen to work with each and every one of you here on this planet but only in a state of trust, love and respect.

The time is here now, whilst the planet can still maintain a diverse population of species, for man to change the perception of animals and start working for the betterment of all that exist on planet earth.