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Meditation Connecting To Higher Consciousness
Not Normally Accessible
During Waking Consciousness

Meditation is the process of using the thoughts you think and the connection of energy to the higher self, to enable a connection into a sub-conscious part of the source energy that exists within every human being.

Every single human that exists within the physical body can, from birth, perform this practice without fail. Many may find it easier to meditate than others but all can achieve the same results through intent and dedication.
What can be achieved through meditation is the ability to connect to a part of the higher self that exists outside of the plane that you experience, whilst contained within the physical body.

As a human being starts to follow the process of meditation, they start to follow a path unique to themselves. No two people will experience the same thing and each person will develop at a rate unique to themselves.

For many, the process is slow and arduous, and for others the path is quick and relatively easy. As the human being opens their mind and the intent is there to connect to themselves, they will start to find a path to oneness which we can, for simplicity, call god.

During the process of meditation, the conscious mind is turned off and a higher frequency starts to move the thought process forward. This then facilitates a connection to higher energies – not just the higher self or core energy, but opens doors through time and space to other energies that exist within the collective energy matrix.
Through the process of meditation, human beings can change the way they view themselves and then start to receive information from other realms.

The concept of this is utilizing a telepathic connection and visualization to open channels for communication with many other types of energies that exist within the time and space continuum.
Meditation offers much to the human being, not only as a way to work through past life experiences, but since any information can be requested the follower of this practice can find themselves open to question life itself as they begin to understand more about the world in which humans currently exist.

Most religions work from the point of information received through such channeled information, and today many of their leaders regularly use meditation as a method to communicate into other non-human energies that can propagate their teachings.

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