Chen – Aliens

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses ALIENS

Aliens Can Be Postive or Negative
Are Working For Humanity 

Chen – Aliens, Human life has evolved over time and as discussed earlier has taken much time and evolvement from life lessons both on a singular view point from each individual, and lessons incorporated into a soul essence as a combination for the collective species.

Regarding the other energies that were highlighted earlier, we can now break them down loosely into two categories:

1. Those that interact with human beings
2. Those that do not interact with human beings.

Of those energies that interact with humans there are again two sub categories – positive and negative.
Positive energies are defined as energies that are working for human progression on a positive level and only interact with those humans that formally request the engagement of energy through a means of communication called telepathy.

The engagement must meet certain criteria before the unseen energy can commit to a joining of energy and the passing of information.

The human must be working at a Spiritual level able to sustain the communication channel and must also be working at a level able to understand the information passed for the highest good of all mankind not only for their own Spiritual progression.

An unseen energy will not work just for the human if their soul intent is to use the combination of energy for only their own good.
Also, before the unseen energy starts the engagement, a contract must exist between the two energies detailing how the interaction will take place and what is to be achieved by both parties.

This is worked out by the human Spirit guide before the unseen energy makes the human aware of its presence.
Rather like the way a company would do business before work commences the two companies would set out an agenda of the work to be provided by the other and a cost would be agreed. This way both companies are fully clear how the engagement will work for them from the outset.

The unseen energy also must effectively get the contract agreed by higher energies in the Spiritual hierarchy before any commitment can be given. This way human evolvement can be considered and the information passed is censored by other controlling energies.

At any time after the two parties engage, the human has freewill to retract from the agreement if the work being performed is found to be too difficult.
Opening to the unseen can be a very difficult process for all humans as they are normally unable to actually “see” the energy with which they are working and do not fully understand on a conscious level the work they are being asked to undertake.

Negative energies do not partake in any such contract and do not normally work within a framework of contracts as a positive energy would do.

A negative energy will almost always be working for their own agenda with which they exist. A human being at its soul core is like a walking power station of energy. This energy is created as the human lives on a day to day basis and as such is a rich source of energy that can be used for many purposes by unseen energies.
Unseen energies can change their energetic structure to display any type of form to a certain degree as form is manipulated by energy and intent.

The word “Alien” for most humans will conjure up an image as taught and seen by the media that is portrayed as a slim grey being with big black eyes.

Each human will have a different image related to this word, but in essence an alien energy is one of difference to each species. Therefore, a human energy would also be called “Alien” for another species as it is not the same as their own.
Alien energy forms take many different forms but in essence they are described by human minds as generally negative and the pictorial view would be very different to the form assumed by a human being.

This is far from the case, as many “Alien” energies that exist in and around the human being are carrying similar forms as your own. The star systems from which some of these energies come from also have a certain amount of human DNA and consciousness – in fact they could be called the forerunners to your own being.

Many different “Alien” energies have very different agendas here on planet earth and they are very keen to work with human beings as your energy and intent is paramount to shaping the planet earth for their own intent.
Working at a level to involve these beings is difficult as the human can be easily tricked into working with negative energies, believing they are working for the good of all.

The adept, whilst learning to communicate with unseen energies will more than likely be targeted as easy prey whilst they learn about energy and the practice of working in a discipline that requires much trust and care.

Advice on this subject would be to work in safe areas with others before opening to the possibility of connecting to “Alien” energy.