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Andrew's Profile

Andrew Porter has been working with his guide “Chen” since January 2008, and during this time has worked with clients from all over the world. He has performed many Psychic Surgery workshops, talks and demonstrations and has written a channelled book with guidance from his guide “Chen”.

Andrew is currently focusing his work in the area of Auditory Voice Hallucinations, (people that are hearing voices) and is working alongside Dr Terence Palmer who is arguably the foremost authority in the United Kingdom on the subject of Auditory Voice Hallucinations .
The hearing of voices is a growing problem especially in the younger generation. It affects every country and a problem that is sure to increase exponentially due primarily to recreational drug use in society.

Check out the hearing voices help website for more details hearingvoiceshelp.com

Andrew Porter is an IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) approved therapist covering Spirit Release Therapy and Psychic Surgery.

The IPHM are one of the largest internationally recognised and trusted independent accreditation boards for complementary and natural therapists and training providers worldwide.

Andrew is also a founding member of UUPS (Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons). 

This organisation was founded in 2008 and is the UK’s largest professional self-regulatory body for the practice of Psychic Surgery with Insured approved members based in the UK

Psychic Surgery Articles and Information

Hearing Voices

More and more people are being diagnosed with Auditory Voice Hallucinations (hearing voices).

Andrew has helped many people suffering from this condition and is also working with DR Terence Palmer on a research project to evaluate their own technique.

Negative Energy and Entities

The Nightmare

Negative energy is just that, an energy that is the opposite of positive.

This energy in my experience can take many forms. Though out the centuries we have identified this energy such as demons and monsters.



My aim is to provide a seamless connection to spirit and as such integrity and truth are key factors in my ethos.
All clients are treated the same. We guarantee confidentiality and integrity. Any problems will be resolved quickly to ensure complete satisfaction.

Radio / YouTube


Listen online to Radio Shows that Andrew has discussed his work.
Also watch various YouTube videos of the work Andrew performs with Dr Terence Palmer the UK’s foremost expert on Auditory Voice Hallucinations.

General Psychic Surgery Articles

Etheric Body Protection

Protecting Your Auric Field The etheric body is essentially a complete mirror copy of the physical body vibrating at a higher frequency. This vibration provides each of us with our Spiritual Protection from other energies that exist on this planet.The etheric body is shown in blue on the image to the left.This energetic vibration provides spiritual protection for the spiritual essence or “soul” that all humans have as part of our multi dimensional makeup. The etheric body is a complete mirror of our physical body. If the etheric body becomes perforated in any way then our level of Spiritual Protection is reduced and

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Most people are nervous before they contact me, and wonder  what will happen and how “Chen” works with clients during an appointment. My most frequent question is: Will Psychic Surgery work for me, can you stop bad thoughts? Hopefully by detailing some of my testimonials below this will help to provide a clearer picture of real client’s experiences. Dear Andrew, Thank you immensely for removing negative energies. I felt great today. Peace and God’s blessings to you and Chen. Hi, You are so very kind I am moved to tears you are such a thoughtful kind person. Wow. So kind

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My Story

My Spiritual Story Up until the age of 34 I had never realised a spiritual dimension existed, had never been religious and didn’t believe in ghosts, entities, extra-terrestrial energy and all that business in the slightest. Haunted House, Ghosts, Really? Then after meeting my wife to be, I moved into a new house, little did I realise my life was about to get very traumatic! After a short period of time, approx 4 weeks, I started to notice things didn’t feel at all right! There were noises at night, things had a habit of disappearing especially my car keys, and

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Spiritual Health Check

We all think about our physical health and take steps to consider our diet and exercise levels to maintain optimum health and well being. Our spiritual health is as important if not more important than our physical health and very difficult to review unless we have psychic abilities or access to a “spiritual medium” that can see our etheric field. Many of my clients are very surprised that the problems they have endured over the years of their life have a spiritual source. Once the etheric field has been cleared of any negativity, health problems dissipate and full spiritual, mental,

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Psychic Protection Techniques

Advice and Self Help General Psychic ProtectionThe first thing we need to fully understand is that just as our clothing offers us protection from the elements like the rain and the wind our aura performs the same function but on a spiritual basis. The human aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and comprises of a vibration of different energies. This topic is complex and we could discuss the aura at length but for the purpose of this document we will conclude with the idea that to protect ourselves from unseen energies that exist within our dimension

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Cancer is the biggest killer and health problem in the 21st century. Why is this, and what can I do to help myself? Talking with my guide “Chen” his opinion is that a healthy body with clean blood will not tolerate or support the growth of cancer cells. The key to fighting to cancer is to support the immune system providing it with the correct nutrition required to support healthy cell growth. In a nutshell, if you have cancer you must research the following therapies listed below and take a good look at your diet. Dietary changes to support your

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700 SRT Cases Reached!

The target of over 700 recorded cases of spirit possession for study and analysis has been reached. Researchers with an interest in suspected spirit possession, hearing voices and its relationship with mental illness are invited to analyze the data and work with us! We are also keen for researchers or investors to join us and forge change! Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Contact DR Terence Palmer for more information – Click here

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Spirit Release Therapy Training

School for Spirit Release Therapy There is a growing demand from health service users in the UK, USA and Europe for help in spiritual health issues, including spirit possession and related health problems.  As providers of Spirit Release Therapy, we are under increasing pressure to try to meet this demand. We therefore need more colleagues to be trained in the techniques.For those who are not familiar with the term ‘Spirit Release’, or don’t yet know  what Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is, follow this link for an explanation to the online encyclopedia of the Society for Psychical Research.This demand from service users has created the

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Voodoo – Curses – Witchcraft

Voodoo Voodoo is a fusion of religious practices from Africa that takes on different characteristics and emphases when practiced in various locations:West African voodoo has been less influenced than other forms of voodoo because it is practiced in the place of its origination, yet Christianity’s influence, particularly Roman Catholicism, is significantLouisiana voodoo has been heavily influenced by French, Spanish, and Creole populations that lived in Louisiana; it has also been influenced by Christianity, especially Roman CatholicismHaitian voodoo was been heavily influenced by African slaves from France; it has also been influenced by Christianity, especially Roman CatholicismThe different schools of voodoo

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Other Energies

Chen’s Channelling The following is information that has been channelled from my guide “Chen” and is his explanation of other non physical energies that exist on earth.The cosmos is made up of infinite other planets, star systems and galaxies far beyond those that man has explored and named. This huge array of other planets and star systems other energies do exist, some similar in the form that humans have taken and many many more existing in very different forms.Form is a name given to the makeup of energy creating the life energy and containing the spirit and soul essence. Human

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Ghosts, Haunted Houses

Ghosts Much has been written on this phenomenon over the years and there still is much debate about what occurs when a ghost is spotted and what proof exists that indeed anything physical really exists.So let’s talk around our own experience and our opinion of ghosts.As part of the work we do conversing with discarnate spirit is a daily part of our day since we communicate with our own guides using telepathy. Our own guides have at some point inhabited in a human body and have lived on this planet in order to gain the human experience and help push

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Cigarettes and Alcohol Both of these seem to have hardly any affect on the auric field and although they will lower our psychic protection do not seem to cause big problems if used in moderation. Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin These harder drugs definitely seem to cause very big holes to appear in our auras and significantly weaken our psychic protection, this leaves us more open to problems with spirit and entity attachment causing problems such as Schizophrenia.Nearly all of the clients I see with conditions related to “hearing voices” have taken drugs at some point in their life and more than

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Sleep Problems

Sleep, or lack of it! This normally suggest a form of astral projection has occurred and the spiritual self has left the physical body maybe through a dream or has been disconnected by negative energies.To get back into the physical body the dreamer can ask their guides to help them or visualise themselves falling back into their body and this will normally work, you will find keeping your cool and not allowing fear to control you will mean you can use your positive intent to crash back into your physical body whereby you will again be able to move again.This is scary

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Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection Psychic protection is invoked by strengthening your aura and other energy bodies to defend against any negative influences, in the main this protection is great and you have no problems but certain things seem to weaken his protection such as substance abuse, occult practices and physical disease.Attempts to ward off the curse of the evil eye has resulted in a number of talismans in many cultures. As a class, they are called “apotropaic” (Greek for “prophylactic” or “protective”, literally: “turns away”) talismans, meaning that they turn away or turn back harm. Personal Attachment Symptoms Thoughts that are not

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Hearing Voices Research

Hearing Voices Research Andrew has co-founded the setup of  a complimentary research project along with the eminent Dr Terence Palmer.Dr Terence Palmer has dedicated much of his life to working with people that are suffering with spirit possession, and together we are using new techniques to help people that are suffering with auditory hallucinations (hearing voices in their head).We have setup a group of people around the world and are running onsite workshops to teach these new techniques.To date we have worked with over 500 clients and have a very good success rate in one 1-hour remote session. We are now engaging

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Alternative Health Ideas

Alternative Health Ideas When we have health concerns we normally start with a trip to the doctor. This is always the best place to start as western medicine has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and many complaints can be resolved with modern drugs and medicines.However if the health concern is not getting better then we tend to start looking in different areas for help. My first choice is always the internet as you can almost guarantee somebody else somewhere has experienced the same complaint and will have been down the same route of searching for a

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History Of Psychic Surgery

Philippines / Brazil In the Philippines, the procedure originated in the 1940s with Eleuterio Terte. Terte and his student Tony Agpaoa trained others in his techniques. Terte and many of his students were associated with a religious organization, the Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas (The Christian Spiritist Union of the Philippines.)In 1959, the procedure became widely known in the U. S. through the publication of Into the Strange Unknown by Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill. They called the practice “fourth dimensional surgery,” and said “we still don’t know what to think; but we have motion pictures to show it wasn’t

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About Me

My Awakening / Story Up until the age of 34 I had never realised a spiritual dimension existed, had never been religious and didn’t believe in ghosts, entities, extra-terrestrial energy and all that business in the slightest. Haunted House? Then after meeting my wife to be, I moved into a new house. After a short period of time, approx 4 weeks, we started to notice things didn’t feel at all right, there were noises at night, things had a habit of disappearing especially my car keys, and we noticed the hairs on our arms and body standing to attention as we

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Meditation Group

Meditation Group Meditation and Psychic Development Group.Andy runs a meditation and healing group. The aim of this group is:-Learn to meditate and use crystals.Learn to dowse using dowsing rods.Learn to perform hands on healing.Learn to communicate with spirit.Learn to perform Psychic Surgery.Entity identification and removal.Learn to clear negative energies from people and places.Contact ET energies and work with them in a positive way.          Meditation Group runs weeklyEvery Wednesday night7pm – 9pmCost = £8Location = Equilibrium Natural Health CentreFacebook GroupJoin the corsham meditation group for updates.https://www.facebook.com/groups/corshammedgroup

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Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery is not a new alternative therapy.It has been around since the 1940s and was first pioneered in the Philippines although the way we operate in this country is very different since no physical incisions are made.All of the work is happening on the etheric/spiritual body to restore imbalances of energy. Ok so how does it work? With psychic surgery the healer is in semi-trance, full-trance, or meditative state, and allows the spirit surgeon to channel energy through his hands, rectifying energetic imbalances in the spiritual body.The spirit surgeon detects those parts of the spiritual body in

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Disclaimer I am not medically trained and do not perform Psychic Surgery myself, this is performed by Spirit working through our physical bodies although I am the physical channel that enables the healing to take place. As with all things in life there are no guarantees, what we can do is offer an alternative in healing and hope.

Andrew Porter

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