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Andrew Porter Psychic Surgeon

Andrew Porter Psychic Surgeon has been working with his guide “Chen” since January 2008 performing Psychic Surgery workshops, talks and demonstrations working with clients from all over the world.

Andrew has set up the UK’s first Psychic Surgery organisation called “UUPS” Unity Of UK Psychic Surgeons and has also written a channelled book answering many spiritual questions with guidance from his guide “Chen”. This book also answers many questions people on a spiritual path often ask.

As well as psychic surgery Andrew is currently focusing his work in the area of Auditory Voice Hallucinations, (people that are hearing voices). Hearing Voices is a huge problem across the world and one that has affected many families.

Andrew is working alongside Dr Terence Palmer who is arguably the foremost authority in the United Kingdom on this subject of people hearing voices. These people suffer from intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression and is a growing problem in every country across the globe especially in the younger generation. It affects every country and has very detrimental effects of the mental health system a problem that is sure to increase exponentially due primarily to recreational drug use in society.

Andrew has recently started to offer “Spiritual Health Checks” as a great way to clear your etheric field from negative energy, entities, and earthbound spirits.

Working as a UK Psychic Surgeon with his spirit guide “Chen” enables Andrew to find the source of many problems that have a spiritual source. 

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If you would like a Spiritual Health Check for yourself or a loved one, don’t delay! You will receive a full report and a copy of my eBook totally free.

All appointments are carried out by Andrew Porter Psychic Surgeon, we don’t engage other people.

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Psychic Surgeons eBoook – Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings written by Andrew Porter

Client Testimonial

Hi Andrew, I feel SO different…. At peace for the first time in ages! Thank you, Chen!

  • Hi Andy, I hope you’re well. I’m just checking in to say that since your interventions I’ve been a different person. You’ve released me from entities, and energies that haunted my most of my life and almost drove me to suicide. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hallo Andy,
Hope you are keeping well!
This is to thank you for the recent clearing you’ve done for my son.
I decided to give my son a call the day after receiving your clearance report. I simply was in such gratitude for I knew my son was back – he was back to his gentle self.
I decided to ask him if we could meet at my local park today and he agreed with none of the aggression he had before you did the clearing.
Anyway, long story short, my son is now free from the evil spirit which was determined to cause division between us.
I cannot thank you and your guides enough Andy. It’s a real blessing to have your service available.
Words aren’t enough to convey my appreciation. For my relationship with my son has now been restored.
Love & Light,

Hearing Voices – Auditory Hallucinations

For people that are hearing voices otherwise known as auditory hallucinations in their head the symptoms can be similar at times to other major brain disorders, such as bipolar disorder manic depression or even major depression, hearing voices is the most common symptom.

Many people that are experiencing intrusive thoughts or hearing voices will most probably suffer with anxiety, depression and may be paranoid or believe that nothing is wrong with them. Therefore may not want to visit a doctor, medical practitioner or a psychiatrist.
Intrusive thoughts and or hearing voices makes It difficult for a person to distinguish between what is real and unreal.

Psychic Surgery can help with this problem and to date we have helped and documented over 800 cases. Andrew is working alongside Dr Terence Palmer. and is helping to teach the techniques we use to other therapists all over the world.


Mediums and Psychics Also Hear Voices.

For many people that experience hearing voices and intrusive thoughts this seems to happen after some type of substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs both medical and recreational.
Many also start hearing voices after spiritual practices such as meditation or ritual invocations that don’t invoke the correct type of spiritual protection opening the etheric field to some type of negative attachment.
Mediums and psychics also hear voices however these are positive rather than negative. 
Psychic Surgeons are always communicating with their own Spirit Guides using Telepathy.

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Negative Entities influence us daily causing, Intrusive Thoughts, Anxiety, Depression, Nightmares, Voices, Compulsive Actions! They can be stopped!

Psychic Surgery can help with negative influence. Looking back into the past it is not difficult to find pictorial evidence of non-human creatures, the pyramids in Egypt are an excellent example of a time when non-human looking creatures existed were talked about and drawn providing some type of evidence from our ancestors that planet earth has in fact been party to visitors that can travel through space and also command the population using their non-earthly powers for some time. Negative Entities exist in a frequency of vibration we cannot see or measure as yet, however their effect can be felt and it is hugely determential to the human population. Psychic Surgeons can detach and clear these negative parasites from the human Auric Field.

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the-watchers psychic-attack psychic-surgery-etheric-attack

Spirit Attachments Dead People
Still Connected to The Living Causes Many Health Problems

Spirit attachment is the method used by another energy and is normally a person who has died a physical death. It attaches to a living person and from that point onwards causes the living person a manner of physical problems.

Spirits walk the earth plane existing at a different frequency to human beings, but are able to affect the physical world if able to channel enough energy to interact with the physical world we exist in.


Invoking Spiritual Powers  
causing misfortune to another person

A curse, Witchcraft and Voodoo is an attempt by a person to cause harm or misfortune to another person via supernatural means. Cursing someone would be the opposite of blessing them. It could take the form of an imprecatory prayer if one is asking God to bring about the harm.
Psychic Surgery can help people suffering from Spiritual and supernatural problems .

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Psychic Protection

The first thing we need to fully understand is that just as our clothing offers us protection from the elements like the rain and the wind our aura performs the same function but on a spiritual basis.
Psychic Surgeons invoke Spiritual Protection in this form many times a day when engaging with Spiritual Entities and Dark Magic.

The human aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and comprises of a vibration of different energies. To protect ourselves from unseen energies that exist within our dimension the human aura is our shield and first line of defense.

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Spiritual Health Check

Many of my clients are very surprised that the problems they have endured over the years of their life have a spiritual source.

Our spiritual health is as important if not more important than our physical health and very difficult to review unless we have psychic abilities or access to a “spiritual medium” that can see our etheric field.
Psychic Surgery can help to clear your Auric Field and detach and Negative energies, helping you to feel Calm, and Happy. Emotions such as Anxiety and Depression can be helped when the Auric Field is cleared.

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Spiritual Protection Courses

Everyone working in the Spiritual Arena must ensure they can protect themselves from a spiritual perspective.
We provide a number of spiritual meditation and protection courses that focus on Spiritual Protection.
This is fundamental to your success if you work as a therapist or if you are new to meditation and spirituality.
The techniques taught are invaluable for all that walk the spiritual path.


Clarification – Psychic Surgery

Fradulent Mediums Act 1951

To comply with the fraudulent mediums act 1951, we remind our clients the work we perform is “solely for the purpose of entertainment”.

To further understand why we have this statement on our website please read the act below:- http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Geo6/14-15/33/enacted

Dont Stop Using Your GP / Doctor / Surgeon

We urge all clients to work with your GP / Doctor / Surgeon  regarding any medication you may be taking.

We are not medically trained and as such will not offer any advice regarding your medication or your condition.

The way we work is our spirit helpers will work with you and your own guides to help heal your health issues but this will not involve discussing your GP or any medication you are currently taking.