Chen – Coming Planetary Changes For Planet Earth

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses Planetry Changes

The Planet Will Change to Support the Changing Human Consciousness.

Plantery changes are coming as planet Earth will need to change to support the changing human consciousness.

To date, the structure of the planet has supported the human evolvement in the way that the human and animals that exist here require for their life substance.

The actual physical process of food and water intake to create the energy for physical existence will now start to change. Old food that has been enjoyed for the past decade will not provide for the coming new human being.

The new human being will find that thought patterns and the mind will start to take over as substance for the physical body. This may seem unattainable today in the way that humans live, but very soon there will be examples of human beings that can exist without the requirement for physical food and water.

Again, science and medical professions will not understand how this can be, but those that find the time to meditate and control their thoughts will start to see they can change their physical bodies through pure energetic thought and also will learn they do not need food and water in the ways of the past. The human body has always required substance to convert into energy to power the human body. So, if energy is the true goal that substance provides it stands to reason this energy can be found in different ways.

The mind and thoughts can be tailored to provide this energy with practice and pure intent. When this starts to change the need for humans to feed themselves through the decimation of the planets natural resources will not be required.

Animals will not need to be used as a pure means of food for the human beings and this will change the ecological structure of the planet.

Animals and fish have existed on this planet as a source of substance, but when the human changes this will also change. Humans can work with the other energies that exist on this planet, rather than using them for his own good.

A natural balance and harmony will start to appear in the world the human lives in, and therefore a much deeper understanding with animals and fish will occur.


The End of the Old Energetic Construct

As with most things, for the new to come into existence, the old must leave.
Look at the technological changes that have appeared in the 100 years – the rate of change is phenomenal.

Ask a Victorian person how they lived and worked compared with today’s lifestyle in the western world.

The old system that has been forged through repression and corruption of many of the world’s leaders will self-implode as the global consciousness of good starts to shine through.

Technology is now providing a platform for the communication on a planetary scale and, as such, people can communicate in a way never before seen on this planet. Physical distance is a thing of the past. Today, one person can speak to another in a tiny fraction of time using many different mediums and this ability must be cherished to help bring about a new paradigm in the human’s existence.

For the old control structures to be changed there must be an energetic change to want a better life for all.
Health, happiness, love, and prosperity on an energetic level is the core requirement. When a large enough number of people all over the planet demand change for the better, the scale will start to move towards peace and love. This change is now underway and the only thing needed is thought. Use your thoughts to demand a better life more sustainable for all, regardless of nationality or color, social structure or religion.

As more and more human beings use thought to create, manifesting changes, so the old will crumble and a new dawn will start to glimpse through the corruption and power structure which humans have become aligned. Like attracts like, and as such if the new dawn is really desired then each human being can see peace and love in their mind’s eye.
You are all created with immense power inside yourself- not physical power but energetically; use your mind and thoughts to bring about a planet of love for all.

The old control structure will try to keep you entertained and distraction techniques will be used against you to stop you enlarging your mind through thought.

Ultimately, the mind and thoughts you have will create the world you want to live within.