Top-10-Spiritual-Protection-Techniques-Daily-Rituals and daily rituals to incorporate into your protection routine, grounding, smudging, crystals, amulets, home protection.

No 1 - Smudging


Smudging, or other rites involving the burning of sacred herbs or resins, is a ceremony practised by many Indigenous people and is used to clear space of any negativity in many spiritual rituals.

In some cases, the ceremony is for spiritual cleansing or blessing, but the purposes and particulars of the ceremonies, and the substances used, can vary widely between tribes, bands and nations. While several well-known cultures may use forms of sage (for example, common sage or white sage) and cedar that is local to their region, the use of sage is neither universal, nor as widespread as was once commonly believed.

Not all Native American or First Nations, Inuit or Métis (FNIM) cultures that burn herbs or resins for ceremony call this practice “smudging.” While using scent and scented smoke (such as incense) in religious and spiritual rites is an element common to many different cultures worldwide, the details, reasons, desired effects, and spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures in question.

Many people working with the occult will regularly clear their properties and working spaces, including offices and work environments in this manner. After the space has been cleared there is a tangible feeling of more clarity and peace.

To smudge your space simply follow this process:

  • Purchase some sage.
  • Open all windows and doors to the outside to allow the smoke to dissipate and encourage and negativity to leave.
  • Find a birds feather or you can simply waft the sage around in your hands.
  • Light the sage with a lighter or match.
  • Walk around your property and use the feather to flick the smoke around the room, especially in stagnant corners where negative energy collects. (Think of a coloured smoke blowing into a room and imagine where it would collect, in corners, under tables, in cupboards, under the bed etc).

No 2 Sea Salt


Sea salt is salt that is produced by the evaporation of seawater, like mined rock salt, production of sea salt has been dated to prehistoric times. Salt is essential to health, as well as a preservative of food, and in ancient times it was more valuable than gold. Roman soldiers were often paid in salt, hence the phrase that someone is “worth his salt.” The word salary is derived from salt.

Salt is a must-have for making holy water and is used to baptise children, cleansing, consecrating, empowering, casting a magic circle for ritual, ritual bathing as a sea salt scrub, or bath salts and use for general protection. Salt is used in many forms of protections in wicca or witchcraft but mostly as a protection salt, Catholic saints have written about the power of holy water as a force that repels evil.

Sprinkling with holy water is used as a sacramental that recalls baptism. In the West the blessing of the water is traditionally accompanied by exorcism and by the addition of exorcized and blessed salt.

Sea Salt is widely used in most occult practices to provide spiritual protection from negativity and negative entities. Occult practitioners create a circle of sea salt for protection before they invoke any spiritual entities into a circle. Salt is used in spells and magical rituals as a representative of the element of earth. It also purifies and defines magical boundaries.

As a preservative, salt is contrary to the nature of Demons, who are intent upon corrupting and destroying. Salt is sometimes thrown at weddings, to preserve marital happiness and also to repel evil spirits who might be intent upon wreaking havoc with the newlyweds. Salt was placed in coffins as a preservative for the soul after death and to protect it against assaults by evil spirits. Salt was used in pagan sacrifices. It was placed in the cribs of infants to protect them against evil spirits.

Methods of Spiritual Protection Using Sea Salt

  • Take a sea salt bar and use it to wash your body in the shower daily, this helps to keep your auric field clear and helps to repel negativity.
  • Use Epsom Salts or Sea Salt in the bath, again this clears your auric field and helps to protect from negative entities.
  • Sprinkle Sea Salt around your property and essentially around all beds, this helps to increase your protection whilst sleeping.
  • Place small bowls of sea salt in each room of your property, this helps to protect these rooms and keep them clear. After a week or so pour the salt down the drain and replace with fresh salt.

No 3 Amulets

  • An amulet, also known as a good luck charm, is an object believed to confer protection upon its possessor. The word “amulet” comes from the Latin word amuletum, which Pliny’s Natural History describes as “an object that protects a person from trouble“.

Anything can function as an amulet; items commonly so used include gems, statues, coins, drawings, plant parts, animal parts, and written words.

Amulets which are said to derive their extraordinary properties and powers from magic or those which impart luck are typically part of folk religion or paganism, whereas amulets or sacred objects of formalised mainstream religion as in Christianity are believed to have no power of their own without being blessed by a clergyman, and they supposedly will also not provide any preternatural benefit to the bearer who does not have an appropriate disposition. 

Talismans and charms may differ from amulets by having alleged magical powers other than protection. Amulets are sometimes confused with pendants, small aesthetic objects that hang from necklaces. Any given pendant may indeed be an amulet but so may any other object that purportedly protects its holder from danger.

Amulets For Protection

  • Pentagram
  • Evil Eye
  • Horseshoe
  • The Eye Of Horus
  • Black Crystals such as Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline

No 4 Crystals


Crystals are very helpful for additional spiritual protection.

Crystals vibrate at their own frequency, the same way that the cells in your body and your chakras vibrate at their own frequency. That means that when we come into contact with crystals these different frequencies meet and enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Black Oynz and Black Tourmaline, Jet and Obsidian are renowned to help with negative energy, either carry them around in your pocket or in a handbag or use them as an amulet and wear it around your neck. Your intent is the most important thing, if your intent is such that the crystals you have help provide you with protection then they will.

Best Protective Crystals

  • Black Onyz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Jet
  • Black Obsidian
  • Apache Tear


No 5 Ting-Sha


Tibetan tingsha (or Ting-Sha) (Tibetan: Wylie: ting-shags) are small cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap or chain. The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high-pitched tone. Typical sizes range from 2.5–4 inches in diameter. Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone. Antique tingsha were made from special bronze alloys that produce harmonic overtones.

In high quality tingsha, both cymbals will match—the tones are identical or nearly identical. Most tingsha, however, are not perfectly matched so each produces a distinctly different tone. This is due to modern manufacturing processes in which many tingsha are produced at the same time and then poorly matched. Fine quality examples of antiques or the rare pair of carefully matched new tingsha will sound identical.

I personally find tingsha to be a great way to clear a space very quickly without the need to burn any sage or other smelly incense. Great for practitioners that share rooms in healing centres as you can clear the previous client’s energy by walking around and knocking the tingsha together until the resulting sound becomes clear. After a short time, you can hear the pitch change, the higher the clearer the space.

Space clearing is the practice of removing or clearing negative energy in your home, office or other personal space. The practitioner walks around the perimeter of the room or space they want to clear and rings the tingsha cymbals slowly and methodically.  The resonating sound and vibrations of the hand cymbals cleanse the negative energies and replaces them with good vibrations and a positive flow. Space clearing is an integral part of Chinese Feng Shui.

No 6 Grounding


In short, earthing or grounding is putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. This means that skin needs to touch soil, sand, water, or a conductive surface that is in contact with the earth. The simplest way to be grounded is to go outside and place your bare feet or hands on some grass or earth, or to immerse yourself in a body of conductive water such as the sea or a mineral-rich lake.

Unfortunately, with our modern rubber or plastic soled shoes and insulated sleeping arrangements, we no longer have a natural electrical connection to the Earth, unless walking barefoot.


To work, the skin must be in direct contact with rock, dirt or water. The beach/ocean is possibly the best place as not only are sand and salt water extremely conductive, but salt water is also very high in magnesium. Perhaps this is why many people seem to sleep better on vacation at the beach!

Symptoms of bad grounding would include improper hearing, dizziness and a feeling of not being at all right inside yourself; since this is your primary spiritual connection to the planet, it is really important for this to be correct. 

Grounding Technique

  • To ground yourself, start by finding a quiet place to sit and relax.
  • Take a few deep breaths and start to center yourself.
  • Concentrate on your breathing and as your heart rate slows down visualise roots that grow from the bottoms of your feet and see them slip down under the soil and into the earth. Follow them down until they reach the center of mother earth. Now hold that image in your mind and notice how much heavier your feet and legs feel. Almost as if you are magnetised and the earth is pulling you down. This is how you will know you have created good grounding, the feeling that you are heavy. Well done! 



No 7 Cutting Cords



Etheric cords are essentially emotional connections that we make to other people during our everyday lives. Depending upon the level of emotional connection you have with someone will dictate the level of cords that connect you together. If you can visualise yourself having a loving embrace with your partner the deeper the love and emotional connection the stronger the cords that connect the two of become. Over time you create very strong cords and though these emotions and spiritual feeling flows. Now when that relationship ends and maybe turns sour which is normally always the case negative energy now binds these cords to each other. You can start to feel the negativity the other person feels towards you and maybe you start to have negative dreams of being chased, you could wake at night fearful for no reason. The more people in your life that you have negative experiences with, like family, work colleagues, friends then the more negative cords bind you to these people. Very soon you feel lethargic, have odd dreams and maybe keep thinking of the same person in a negative way. These are all indications that you have negative cords that need removing.

To Remove Negative Cords

  • Follow the grounding meditation earlier on this page.

  • Then bring up an image of yourself in your minds eye, take a sword flaming with a white light and imagine running it around the outside of the image of yourself with the intent to cut and disconnect any negative cords that are not working for your highest good.

  • Very quickly you should feel more “free”.  Sleep should be better and you should notice you stop thinking about your ex-partner, difficult work colleagues, and friendships that have expired.


No 8 Healthy Lifestyle

detox image

Once of the most important tasks for keeping your Spiritual Protection at it’s optimal state is to eat healthy food, preferably organic vegetables.
Meat of any type has a very low vibration since animals that are slaughtered will be in a state of fear, and therefore their blood will be full of adrenaline.
It goes without saying that their whole body will have a very negative vibration and when ingested by humans this low vibration is then taken on by us as we process the meat. This then affects our etheric field and reduces our own Spiritual protection.
If we look at the various religions on the planet many are vegetarian for this very reason no doubt.

To Strengthen Your Etheric Field:

  • No Drugs.
  • Minimise Alcohol.

  • Minimise Tobacco.
  • Eat healthy organic foods, mainly vegetables.
  • Minimise meat consumption, (meat has a low vibration due to fear during slaughter and adrenaline in the blood).

  • Live in a clean and healthy environment, lots of plants help to purify the air.
    Shower or bathe daily using SEA SALT (sea salt helps with your etheric protection).
    Join a local meditation group, (meditation helps to clear your auric field).

No 9 Protection Meditation


We all have unseen guides and helpers that are with us from the moment we incarnate into this physical world until we take our last breath and then depart.

Even if you have never seen or communicated with your guides, it does not mean they are not with you at all times, working with you to ensure you experience the life that you have chosen before this incarnation.

They are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have, or provide guidance relating to life choices and circumstances you find yourself experiencing.

The same goes for your own psychic protection. Since you incarnate into this planet with freewill, then your guides and helpers cannot help you or interact in your life in anyway unless you give your permission for them to do so.

This permission must be provided in the form of you giving your consent to allow them to work with you and help you.

Golden Bubble Protective Meditation

Perhaps the most common exercise that can be incorporated into your daily life is the bubble or ball.
Close your eyes and visualize a golden bubble of light around your entire being, see yourself enveloped within this bubble and make sure the bubble extends over your head and over your feet with a gap between your body and the other skin of the bubble. Many people visualize themselves held within a ball of golden light that provides complete protection for your whole body.

Golden Shower Meditation

Another method that works very well is to visualize yourself standing underneath a golden shower of light. See the light running over your entire body and then running into the planet allowing mother earth to cleanse any negative energy running off of you. Then, allow the light to run down into your body and cleanse the inside of your body, again allowing the light to run out of your feet and back into the earth. This helps to clear and cleanse your etheric field and can also be used on a daily basis to help keep your psychic protection fully active.

Purple Flame Meditation

Another good exercise is to visualize yourself standing within a bright purple flame that will burn away any negative energy that exists within your etheric field. This can be done if you have experienced a business meeting with someone you don’t feel very comfortable with or after you have performed any Spiritual practice or esoteric magic. It ensures whether you have picked up any negative energy from other people or places and is burnt away and removed from your astral body. This can also be used on a daily basis.

Daily Protection Meditation

See the link below for a daily psychic protection meditation.

No 10 - Home Protection


Protecting your home and keeping the spaces clear from negative energies and entities should be an integral part of space planning and room layout design.

Plants are a great addition to all rooms as they help to maintain clean air and stop negative stagnate energy collecting in unused corners.

Sprinkle “fine” not “coarse” sea salt around your property especially around all beds, this helps to stop negative entities moving around and absorbs negativity. After the weekly hover up, replace the sea salt.

In Feng Shui, the “commanding position” is used to locate important furniture such as your bed. The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture to put in the commanding position because you spend so many passive hours sleeping! To place your bed in the commanding position, you want to be facing the door while not in line with the door while lying in bed. Ideally you can be diagonally across the room from your bedroom door. However, I understand this is not always possible. In that case, find a mirror and place it so that you can see the door while lying in bed. I suggest freestanding mirrors, as they’re easier to move around and get just right.

Make a spray using some essential oils such as lemon with water and spray in each room on a regular basis, great for space clearing and very cheap.

Print a pentagram on a sheet of paper like A4 and place underneath the bed mattress on the side each person sleeps on all the beds. Great methods of extra psychic protection whilst sleeping.

Place protective crystals such as Obsidian, Jet, black Onyz around your property. Place them in the corners of each bedroom, again great for additional protection. d

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