Spiritual Health Check

Spiritual Health Check

Optimum Health requires both Spiritual Health and  
Physical Health

We all think about our physical health and take steps to consider our diet and exercise levels to maintain optimum health and well being.
Our spiritual health is as important if not more important than our physical health and very difficult to review unless we have psychic abilities or access to a “spiritual medium” that can see our etheric field.

Once the etheric field has been cleared of any negativity, health problems dissipate and full spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health return.
Most clients report that after a Spiritual Health Check they have never felt so mentally peaceful and calm. Anxiety and depression lifts within a few days, and positive thoughts return.

Many of my clients are very surprised that the problems they have endured over the years of their life have a spiritual source.

Sources Of Spiritual Influence

Negative Influences

Below is a list of negative influences that can change a persons emotional state and behaviour in a negative way.

Black Magic
Discarnate Spirits
Alien Implants
Negative Entities
Inter dimensional Parasites

Spiritual Health Infections

The list below details some of the health problems that can be helped with a Spiritual Health check.

Health Symptoms

Pains that have no physical source
Hearing Voices
Negative Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Sleep Problems
Unexplained Fear
Rage, Anger for no reason
Confused mind and thoughts
Itching over body at night

Spiritual Health Check

We check and clear the following spiritual problems during the process of the spiritual health check.
You will receive a full detailed report of my findings.

Curses Removed.
Black Magic Cleared.
Witchcraft Cleared.
Chakras Opened and Cleared.
Entities Removed.
Spirits Removed.
Alien Implants Removed.
Property Cleared.
Cars Cleared.
Inter-dimensional Parasites Cleared.
General Psychic Clearing.

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