Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings eBook

Chen’s Spiritual and Psychic Teachings eBook, Andy details how he works with his spirit guide “Chen” as a Psychic Surgeon and the spiritual work that they perform. This book goes into depth about the experiences Andy had whilst starting on his spiritual path, living in a possessed house and how the unseen realm tried desperately to obtain his attention.

There are client testimonials to read and the book is packed with Spiritual teachings directly channelled from Andrew’s guide “Chen”.

The book covers other topics not easily found in many Spiritual publications such as the planetary changes happening on Earth today, extra-terrestrial involvement in human evolution, psychic protection, negative energies and entities, the alien agenda, crystals, meditation and many more.

This eBook has been written with the help of Andy’s spirit guide “Chen” and he has channelled much of the information for this book. Hopefully, it will make fascinating reading, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks To Jayne

This book is dedicated to my family and especially to my loving wife, Jayne, who has supported me throughout the year it has taken me to bring this book into existence.
My faithful and loyal friend “Chen” in Spirit has been immensely helpful and is well aware that without his help this book would have yet to be completed.
My family has endured my ramblings and ever-present discussions about how to extract the information in my head through life experience and get that translated into meaningful English for my readers to enjoy and learn from.

Everyone who books an appointment will receive a FREE copy of this eBook in pdf format.



Ghosts, Ghouls, Entities, Angels, Demons and other mythical creatures do not exist on planet Earth as far as I can perceive – how could they?

Why does every religion in the world refer in some way to other creatures or energies that we cannot see but, in some way, have the ability to influence mankind?

Why does the Catholic Church have priests that specialize in exorcism? What can they be removing from people, since there is nothing to see with their physical eyes?

Psychic protection – what’s that all about and why would it be so important?

When you start to open yourself to the Spiritual world and the ‘scary’ prospect that there are indeed many other energies that exist within this dimension and the planet we call Earth, it is of paramount importance that we invoke our own Spiritual protection.

Just because we can’t connect with other energies using our traditional 5 senses of reality, does not mean that other energies don’t exist. And, is it possible that at some point they may start to invade our sane view of the world?

Hopefully, you won’t have to experience this, but if you do then be forewarned and armed with the Spiritual knowledge in this guide that was written and channelled to keep you safe.

When I started to experience the existence of non-physical energies living alongside me at home, and I made the realization that they were in fact very negative and could indeed touch me and move physical objects, two things happened:

  1. I thought perhaps I had gone mad and questioned my sanity.
  2. An insatiable appetite to learn the truth and investigate and communicate with these energies was ignited, and today it is still there burning like a fire in my soul.

    My quest for knowledge burned fast and strongly, but the existence of reliable and truthful information seemed very hard to locate. As I digested book after book bought mainly from esoteric bookshops located in Glastonbury (UK), my wish and desire were to find just one book that could give me an understanding of this new world, and answer all the questions I found were dominating my waking consciousness.

    That wish never transpired and years passed as I digested book after book. However, one thing did happen – I made a promise to myself that one day in the future I would write such a book to help others that were following behind in my footsteps, and as a lighthouse guides ships into shore safely, my knowledge and book would help others. Here is that much-thought-out and edited book.
    I hope you enjoy this book most of the content has been gained through experience and at times to my personal detriment.

    My guide and faithful friend “Chen” in Spirit has helped immensely and in each section is a channelling from him. This channelling was done using a form of automatic writing.

    Automatic writing or psychography is writing that the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or Spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.