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CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses RELIGION

Every Religion Has A Deity To Worship!

As with all things in the physical world that you exist within to date, the majority of the teachings date back to ancient days and are followed by each generation. One teaches the other and so these teachings are peculated.

The concept of the search for the creator (many of which name as God) has always been paramount in the mind of human beings, as the core self contains questions about the existence of this body you inhabit. Going back into the past great books have been written by the hands of human beings – those of which have named the bible.

This book alone has forged a belief structure that has led to the control of many different types of people across the whole planet. If for a moment you imagine that there was no bible for you to read and adopt the teachings of, how would you exist today and what would you believe?

Every child, no matter where they are born, has heard of a type of great book that shapes their thoughts and provides instructions on how to live your life. In the western world today, human beings are starting to question the concept of religion and how it maps into their own life.

The search for the ‘creator energy’ is a valid search, but one has to question what role the enforced teachings of religion play on this process.