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Eastern Medicine Cleansing and Healing Western Medicine Synthesises a Non-Natural Product

Eastern medicine differs greatly from western medicine in that eastern medicine has been handed down from family to family relying on the teachings and wisdom of elders. They pass age-old knowledge given to humans by extra-terrestrial energies in the past.

Eastern medicine involves a different type of cleansing and healing of the physical body utilising many different forms of natural substrate, plants, trees, and at times even animals.

The garden of “Eden” is an example of a story told many years ago about a magical garden that exists in which everything required for human beings to live and heal themselves was given at the time of creation.
The human being is a creation genetically comprising of a carbon-based body form that was designed and manipulated by higher dimensional energies to live in harmony on planet earth.

The garden of this planet was also designed with much intelligence to provide what you need for your life force to thrive, and the advanced knowledge given to the east was provided to help facilitate life and longevity.
It is of no surprise that those people that follow eastern practices such as yoga, tai-chi and the other arts exist in a state of inner strength and mental peace. Combined with eastern medicine the human body can easily find harmony and peaceful equilibrium.

Western medicine, by contrast, takes naturally occurring plant-based remedies and then changes the chemical consistency to synthesise a non-natural product to provide a close effect which mirrors the plant from which they were taken.

This product can then be sold in tablet form and cannot easily be replicated ensuring the profits are retained by the manufacturer. Is it any wonder that so many of the western drugs then create so many negative side effects to the human-body? Whereas in comparison to eastern medicine, at worst, they may not provide complete healing, but side effects are minimal and non-toxic to the human body if prescribed by competent practitioners.
The growing availability of eastern medicine already shows that it is providing an alternative choice to the western offerings and one must remember that intent is very important.

Western companies are working for profits and market domination. Their model is to control the health market and enjoy the profits that are made on the backs of ill people.
These types of business models do not work in harmony with the expression of inner health and self-healing. Eastern medicine will grow in popularity as more and more people see and realise the benefits of working with nature and plants to support their body and mind.

The epidemic of illness and disease sweeping the western countries must surely highlight the imbalances and that people are conveniently ignoring their lifestyle choices.
Food has been tainted with toxic chemicals in an effort to create addictions and dependency. Again, in time it will be seen that to live in a harmonious and healthy way, natural food and drink must be ingested. If you cut your finger you do nothing consciously and the body self-heals. This too can happen inside the body to prevent disease and illness if the body is supported with the correct nutrition and as importantly mental thought patterns.

Meditation is the ONLY way to gain control of the thought patterns which can lead to mental strength and peace. Repeated meditation practiced in the correct manner can also support a healthy physical existence.

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