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Michael ex-soldier, had been hearing voices for 23 years, 2 weeks after the session he is still free of voices. (Dr Terence Palmer PHD, and Andrew Porter).

Hearing Voices Trailer. 
A complimentary approach to help people hearing voices, (Dr Terence Palmer PHD, and Andrew Porter).

Andrew was interviewed by Kristin Gillespie from Deconstructing Sentience in Jan 2021 and covers many topics.

Andy & Kristin discuss many topics including energy vampirism, negative entity attachment, demonic possession, curses, witchcraft, ET implants, chords, ghosts, discarnate spirits, clearing ancestral traumas, mediumship, sovereignty checks, intention, crystals, black obsidian, shungite, protective pentagrams, misunderstood kundalini awakenings, schizophrenia & intrusive thoughts, ayahuasca, psychedelics, emotional manipulation, authenticity, identity crises, losing friends due to awakening, light bubbles, violet flame, multidimensionality & ascension.

Kristin’s YouTube channel can be found here >>

Andrew was interviewed by Zeraphina Angelus, March 2021

Andy & Zeraphina discuss many topics including addictions, negative entities, psychic protection, demonic possession, curses, witchcraft, sovereignty checks.

Zerapina’s YouTube Channel can be found here >>

Video Gaming, Does it cause anger, rage, anxiety, depression, stress, and more importantly does it attract demons?

Do demons, negative entities and discarnate spirits encourage negative addictive behaviours such as drugs, alcohol abuse and violent criminal activity?

Radio Interview with Alan Cox.

Andy discusses various spiritual topics with Alan Cox from “Understanding Spirit”, including psychic surgery, schizophrenia, spirit attachments, demons, curses and negative energy.

Radio Interview with Robert Stanley – Part 1

Andy explains how he works with his guide “Chen” and various spiritual topics with Robert Stanley, including psychic surgery, schizophrenia, spirit attachments, parasites, alien lifeforms, demons, curses and negative energy.

Radio Interview with Robert Stanley – Part 2

Andy continues the interview with Robert as part-2, discussing how negative alien parasites connect to people, create illness, addictions, and drive many negative behaviours. Carlos Castaneda an American shamanic writer described the types of entities that Robert and Andy discuss on this show.