Chen – Clearing Energy

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses CLEARING ENERGY 

Energy Forms a Shape that is Held Together with Thought Consciousness.

The human being is comprised of a structure of energy at its nucleus. This energy forms a shape that is held together with thought consciousness.

The over-riding thought shapes and holds the physical form that the human being then manifests. This is not done using the fully conscious mind that you all know and understand, but is delivered to you from a part of your energy outside the physical realm. Many have called this the ‘higher self’ or ‘god part’.

The understanding must come from the knowledge that a tiny fraction of your core Spiritual self is what manifests into the physical form known as the human body, and the greater part of the whole remains outside of the physical embodiment.

This is how some people are able to source information and act in ways that would be considered miracles by others. They have found a way, through dedication and practice, to connect to their core energy or higher self and then access information about themselves and others in a way that is not in accordance with the normal thinking and human teachings.

Upon making this connection, the human can then access infinite source information and this can be used in many ways. Mediums and psychics have indeed found a way to access this higher knowledge and use it to work with other energies if they choose.

The human mind and the human teachings are the only restriction in this process and must be let go of for new information to populate the conscious mind.

Transformation can occur in the physical body based upon the thoughts that are then projected upon it, and these thoughts can mold and shape the physical form and produce complete  transformation if they can be anchored into the conscious part of the mind. This process requires the human to release the mind prison that has been created through their life teachings, as this will bind them into a particular type of reality.

The human body is reconstructing itself on a daily basis. New organs can be grown and shaped by pure conscious thought if the will is there to do so.

To perform clearing of past events and experiences that have left a negative impact on the human being, the will and conscious mind must be put to work to allow release and healing to occur..