Chen – Drugs

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses DRUGS

Drugs Break Our Spiritual Protection and Create Vunerability

Drugs are designed to alter our state of mind, changing the way the mind and body work.

They have been used in one form or another by man and our history tells us that the Greek Herodotus was referring to cannabis when he wrote in 5 BC that the Scythians cultivated a plant that grew like flax but grew thicker and taller; this hemp they deposited upon red-hot stones in a closed room producing a vapor.

Herodotus noted, “that no Grecian vapor-bath can surpass”. The Scythians, transported by the vapor, shout aloud”. This drug is today known as cannabis.

Drugs alter our physical body, mental state and also have a large effect upon our, etheric, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies, as these are a blueprint of our physical body.

Hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine and LSD seem to create holes in our aura. This is our protective layer and keeps us protected from unseen energies. With this protective layer perforated and fragmented, we are open to attack from negative energies which know we have lost our Spiritual protection and hence can be targeted.

Many of my client’s experience “hearing voices” and this can nearly always be attributed to drug use perforating the aura allowing negative energies to connect with a person.

From this point onwards, the negative energies will make life miserable and will encourage negative practices and addictions. Many of these people are diagnosed with some sort of illness such as schizophrenia and prescribed mind-numbing drugs.

This will never, in my opinion, resolve the problem, as the source of the problem has not been addressed. Until the aura is rebuilt and protection reaffirmed, the negative energy will continue to torment the person.

Removing negative energies attached to these people can be a difficult, time consuming task.

The person will need to make some life changes and adopt a healthy positive lifestyle, as this helps to increase the Spiritual protection the aura offers.