Terms and Conditions & Informed Consent

Aims and Objectives

The primary objective of this procedure is to give aid and assist you in relieving the distress that you or a person close to you may be experiencing due to any spiritual based problem, this could be from a discarnate spirit entity, negative entity, including dark force entities (DFE), inter-dimensional species, alien, curses, hexes or earthbound spirit (EB).

Method employed

The method of intervention employed is the Remote Psychic Surgery method. For the remote method Andrew Porter connects with his spirit guide “Chen” and the spiritual clearing procedure is conducted from a distance by telepathic and clairvoyant means. All spiritual work is conducted beyond the physical boundaries of time and space. You, therefore, will not be aware when the procedure is performed and there will be no need for the patient to be in any particular place at any particular time. You will be sent a report after the procedure and the appointment has been completed. The remote method is ideal for patients who are below the age of consent and for those who are too incapacitated or too ill to give consent or are detained within mental health institutions.  All Clients are sent a copy of their report in written format.

Definitions of Terms Used

The person who is the subject of the remote Psychic Surgery procedure is referred to as The Patient. The person requesting the procedure and taking responsibility for the payment of fees is referred to as The Client.

Payment of Fees

The fee for a remote psychic surgery procedure is £40 irrespective of where you are in the world. The method of payment is through Pay Pal. No other payment method is employed and if you are unable to access Pay Pal from your location then perhaps you can enlist the aid of someone who can. When a request for help is submitted by you (The Client) a £5 booking fee in advance of the remaining £35 will ensure that your case will be entered into the schedule.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

Your case is automatically allocated a unique case file number and all personal information is treated with the strictest confidentiality and anonymity. You and all members of your family are assured of absolute anonymity and confidentiality, and under no circumstances whatsoever will your name or any other personal information be disclosed or revealed in any form for any purpose whatsoever.

Protection & Welfare

Your welfare and that of the referred patient are of the utmost importance and you may be assured that all means will always be taken for your spiritual protection during the procedure.

Informed Consent

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is an acknowledgement that you give your Informed Consent, either on behalf of yourself or a client of your own if you are a medical practitioner or another therapist, or for a friend or family member. If you are acting on behalf of someone who is not able to give their own informed consent for any reason then, as the referrer, you agree to take full responsibility for requesting the intervention on their behalf, and you, therefore, agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and for the payment of any fees.

Limitations of Service

• It is with regret that we are not able to offer a 24-hour emergency service.

• We are not able to provide telephone counselling.

• We are not providers of one-to-one therapy of any kind.

• Cases are entered into our schedule only on receipt of a booking form accompanied with the correct advance payment.

•  We do not work weekends and all UK national bank holidays are observed.

• Schedules are updated on the first working day of every week.

•  Clients are respectfully requested to exercise a little patience and understanding whilst their case is moving up the schedule and email requests for delivery dates are not acknowledged in order to save time and administration resources.

• Our service aims to address the spiritual health of the referred patient only.

• We are not able to offer psychological therapy or healing for the physical body.

• Advice for post-intervention well-being is always given in the report.

• We don’t have the resources to provide aftercare or therapy following our intervention.


Our practitioners are not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to give medical or psychiatric diagnoses. Although we work with powerful and resourceful spirit guides, we are not able to guarantee meeting with any unreasonable expectations or miracle cures. Every individual is responsible for their own choices in lifestyle and habits and for the development of their own spiritual education, emotional, psychological and physical well-being. We, therefore, encourage all  Clients to take responsibility for their own welfare and follow any guidance offered in good faith by the spirit guides or the Patient’s own Higher-Self.