Post Appointment Questions

Frequent Questions After Your Appointment

There are many questions that clients have after a Spiritual Health Check appointment and therefore I have tried to answer as many of the common ones on this page.


Negative Entities

After an appointment many people would like to know which types of negative entities were attached to them, where they came from and how they became attached.

Over the years I have found since these entities are negative, they do not tell the truth, continually lie and generally are difficult to deal with from a telepathic perspective.

Therefore, we do not engage with them at all favouring to disconnect and clear them from the client. My guide “Chen” and his team then remove the entities from this dimension so they cannot try to reconnect.

After we have removed negative entities the same ones will not return to you.
Regarding how and why they connect this is a large subject in itself and there can be any number of reasons. Please do some further reading on my page about negative entities.

They connect in to your etheric field via perforations that have been opened because your etheric field has been compromised.

The most common reasons negative entities connect through these perforations are substance abuse, trauma, sexual abuse and occult practices that have gone wrong and allowed these negative entities the opportunity to connect.

Earthbound Spirit Attachments

Where do they come from and why did they attach to me?

This is the most common question.
It would seem that earth bound spirit attachments find a human being that did the same or similar things in life to themselves. We find drug users finding and attaching to other drug users. The same with alcoholics and they will frequent the same locations as those that they wish to attach to, like pubs and clubs.

Again, we are not exactly sure why upon physical death the Spirit of a person would not go over to the light, or to their rightful place.

We can only conclude that perhaps they died suddenly or feel they wanted to stay behind and look after a relative or child, or that their work on the physical plane was not complete.

They have the option of staying behind and end up between dimensions, not on our physical plane and not where they should have gone either.

Many people have earthbound spirit attachments without realising it and they can cause very negative behaviour and thoughts.

Cording Between People

Negative cords between people are the easiest of Negative cords between people are the easiest of the spiritual problems we help to clear.

Every time you engage with other people be it in a supermarket, at work, your family, or in a relationship your energy field intersects the other persons.  Our auric fields extend around 6 ft around us, hence if you imagine yourself walking around in a bubble and other people doing the same. These bubbles intersect and at that point you get a feeling from the other person. You will intuitively feel if they are like you, or if something does not feel right.

Basically, you are both scanning each others etheric fields and this creates energetic cords between you.
The older you get the more cords you have connected to other people especially ones where there has been strong negative emotions and sexual energy.

Old toxic negative relationships tend to leave behind negative stagnant energy connections and these when removed provide a euphoric feeling of freedom from that person and release.



Who would send a curse to me and why?
This is the most common question and unfortunately, we do not know the answer.

What my spirit guide “Chen” and his team can do is clear and remove and clear the curse.
Curses are streams of negative energy that hit the etheric field of the target person and after a time can cause many spiritual and physical problems.

Working with his team my spirit guide “Chen” will place the client in a protective energetic bubble and reflect any further streams of negative energy from the perpetrator back to them.

If a group of people are using occult practices such as witchcraft then their negative streams of energy will be reflected back to them. We tend to find the perpetrators stop very quickly as they tend to become very unwell very quickly.

We are unable to find the source for these negative streams of energy as they can be well concealed however the most important point is we can clear and reflect them.



A spiritual portal can be thought of as a doorway between dimensions. Spirit and negative entities can traverse these portals in the same way we move between rooms in our house.

If your house or auric field has a portal entities or spirits can freely move into your energy field and apply negative thoughts and feelings. As part of this check we look for portals in your home and your energy field. Any that are found are closed and sealed shut.

They tend to be opened by negative entities as opposed to earthbound spirits. Earthbound spirits don’t open portals. Portals can also be opened in your etheric field if you have suffered traumatic abuse or been the target of occult practitioners’.

Rather like the other spiritual problems we are unable to trace the source of these problems however they are very easy for my spirit guide “Chen” and his team to close.


Grounding, as the name suggest is your spiritual connection to the planet.

If your grounding is impaired this can severely damage your day to day interaction to other people and your physical coordination.

This can happen for many reasons including illness, occult spiritual practices gone wrong, lack of spiritual protection, not closing yourself down after meditation.

Symptoms would include improper hearing, dizziness and a feeling of not being at all right inside yourself; since this is your primary spiritual connection to the planet.

To maintain good grounding you will need to learn to meditate correctly and may be join a good meditation group.