Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery, Spiritual Operations carried out by Spiritual Surgeons without Pain or Cross Infections!

Psychic Surgery is not a new alternative therapy.
Psychic Surgery has been around since the 1940s and was first pioneered in the Philippines, although the way we operate in this country is very different since no physical incisions are made.

Back in 2008 I helped a few Psychic Surgeons based in the UK setup the UK’s first Psychic Surgeons organisation called UPPS – Unity Of Psychic Surgeons

UK Psychic Surgeons work on the etheric body which is a mirror copy of the physical body. Changes that are made to the etheric body are then mirrored back into the physical body after a few days.

This is a better method of Psychic Surgery compared to the traditional method using scalpels as there is no skin cutting and conforms to all medical law. Only qualified medical surgeons and personnel are allowed to cut the skin in the UK.

Before the psychic surgery operation begins, spirit surgeons give the client a spiritual anesthetic to ensure no pain is felt. Usually most clients report to feeling very relaxed and being aware they cannot move the part of their body the operation is taking place on. Clients of psychic surgery still have full feeling of their body parts just the knowledge they cannot move the part being worked on. Many descibe this as the feeling of a conventional anathestic. 

This is the same concept as with a conventional operation. In a conventional operation anesthetic is applied either locally to a certain body part or fully hence the client would be in a sleep like state.
With Psychic Surgery the client is always fully awake and many report to feeling “movement” inside their body whilst the spiritual operation is taking place however they feel no pain.

There is no cross infection concerns with psychic surgery and also no problems with adhesions which are a huge problem with conventional surgery. Adhesions are known as inner scars, tough tissue bands that form between your tissues and organs, and can develop after surgery. They can make your normally slippery internal tissues and organs stick together. They can become very painful and uncomfortable twisting and pulling as you move.

As soon as the psychic surgery operation is over the clients can leave the room and walk as normal. Unlike conventional surgery there is no rehabilitation time required after the spiritual operation.

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