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CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses CONSCIOUSNESS 

Consciousness Spiritual Energy Affecting Earth Through Collective Thoughts

The human being is a consciousness that is encased in a physical shell that is termed the body.

This consciousness is part of the all-enveloping energy held within the planet earth and it is directly affected by the group consciousness existing here on planet earth
This essentially means that everything which happens on the planet in terms of weather, geographical changes and other energy forms such as animals are all affected by the thoughts of all the collective human consciousness.

What happens in one part of the world affects the whole. What one person thinks affects those around them, and so on
Energy is entwined around all that live on this planet. Since the time is approaching for great change, it stands to reason that all will be affected by this change. There are those that are already seeing and feeling the changes and there are those that know, using their intuitive reasoning, that change is happening and as such the human beings will change.

This change will start by opening the sensitivity of the human. They will start to feel energy, and those around them will notice a change of character. They will start to experience many different emotions and feelings. As the change starts to take hold those will find old energy patterns will come out to be addressed on the practical level and worked through to create a healing of the soul
Many will start to see energy in its raw form through their eyes. There will be a diagnosis of eye dysfunction from the medical profession as they will not be able to understand the condition and will assume it’s a disease, but this is not the case. It is a requirement of the changing human being.

Sensitivity to fear and anger will increase. This will start to change the programming of the human being, and on a practical level will mean that humans will reject the exposure to negative situations. War and suffering will not be tolerated by the consciousness, and films and media that induce fear and anger will be dismissed as entertainment.

The energy surrounding the human being needs to be cleared and filled with love and happiness.
These emotions cannot exist where there is fear and negativity and so the changing human being will start to look for entertainment that creates positive emotions and will search for others that are looking for this enhancement of the love energy.
Food that contains a negative vibration, even though once cherished in the past, will be refused and the underlying thought will be positive for the changing human to progress on this path to enlightenment.

All negativity must be pushed away from the core self. The core self will know exactly what to eat and drink to sustain a positive vibration.
Others will start to follow the lead in families as each person changes. The more changes that happen in the vibratory field of the human will start a chain reaction in the human body and this will start changes to the genetic structure of the body.

As vibration increases, so the human will start to have psychic experiences. Intuition will very quickly start to increase and an all-knowing connection to the higher self will be forged.

At this point the human will feel different to others around them who are not at this point of their Spiritual progression. They will start to develop an interest in the alternative teachings, and crystals will be introduced into their path as working with subtle energies will be important for the changing human intuition.
Groups will become important and teachers will be put in the path of the adept to help with the changes.

Opinions and thoughts will change and, slowly, as this happens an en-mass of the consciousness of the planet will rise.