Spiritual Path

Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path Is Lonely As We All Must Walk Our Own

Before partaking in this area of human development the newcomer must realise that much information is available to read, and learn. There are also many courses, groups and experts on hand to help the newcomer’s development into the unseen world.

To work in this area the whole, core, soul essence must be worked on at the same time to cleanse negative emotions, and life trials from many past lives and into the current life to successfully develop a balanced and stable individual.
Those that rush this process run the risk of moving ahead too quickly.

This can cause the changing of their physical and emotional structure and also their D.N.A, causing serious issues of instability on a mental and emotional level.

The control of Spiritual development must be handled by the human being’s higher self, as this part of the human has an all-knowing understanding of the life path that the human is working through, and also has the foresight to know what’s further along the path. The advancement must be managed in a very considered way, and this is where the guidance will be required from other energies on the unseen side of the veil to help the progression and development.

To develop one’s self in the correct manner the human being will need to release many of the teachings that have been taught from birth. Most teachings taught from schools and society work to stop the human being’s spiritual progression.

Mothers and fathers will bring up their children as they themselves were brought up by their own parents. And, the chosen society they live in will also have a huge bearing on their belief systems installed at the time of adolescence.

To learn the ways of working with unseen energies, and self-Spiritual advancement will take years of dedication, and the releasing of these control structures put in place by society, religions and family.
Many will find themselves making the difficult choice to leave family and friends behind as their understanding grows, which can be emotionally difficult.

The whole process of Spiritual advancement takes the individual on their own Spiritual path. This can be lonely, and at times seem impossible to negotiate, as there is no correct way and each has to work through their own path. No two people will follow the same experience and each must learn from their own lessons.

The core part of the Spiritual path is learning to look inside, develop your own intuition and drop any reliance on others. This is not taught in schools or in our society where the control structures have been put in place specifically to remove self-assurance and free-thinking from each individual. Instead, freewill is replaced with the concept of requiring acceptance from society and family for everything that each chooses to do.

The majority of people like to have a system to follow or other people that they can replicate. The desire to follow other people is easily highlighted in the way the fashion industry targets the younger generation and continually changes fashions. This is a clever method for large corporations to manipulate the dress sense and image of the younger generation that want to feel excepted by their friends and peers.

Not many are happy to stand out and be different.