My Spiritual Story

Up until the age of 34 I had never realised a spiritual dimension existed, had never been religious and didn’t believe in ghosts, entities, extra-terrestrial energy and all that business in the slightest.

Andy’s Story
Interview with Ben Smith from Viral Films, UK (2017)

Haunted House, Ghosts, Really?

Then after meeting my now wife, I moved into a new house, little did I realise my life was about to get very traumatic!
After a short period of time, approx 4 weeks, I started to notice things didn’t feel at all right! There were noises at night, things had a habit of disappearing especially my car keys, and I noticed the hairs on our arms and body standing to attention as we walked through the house.

Not to mention lights going on and off on their own, and the heating also finding a will of its own even when the timer was turned off at the main control switch.
One night whilst sleeping I came too and found the room felt really cold, upon opening my eyes I instantly became aware that all was not well in my bedroom.
The foot of my bed was literally two feet off the floor and I was looking at the wall behind the headboard instead of the ceiling!

This was the first time in my life I felt what can only be described as “real terror”!
I screamed put me down and get out of my room and with that the bed dropped onto the laminate floor with a crash and the temperature of the room instantly increased to its normal level as the room suddenly felt like a freezer door had been opened.

I lay in bed with the duvet over my head and the light on shaking all night long, not sure if it had really happened or if I had be dreaming. If it was a dream I didn’t want another one.

As sunlight streamed through the windows in the early hours of the morning I could clearly see my bed was no longer in the same position in the room and the bed casters were off to one side.

King size beds are heavy and moving one is not a mean feat on your own so all doubt left me instantly that I could have been dreaming. It had really happened there could be no doubt the realisation sent a shiver down my spine.

Things moved on from there quickly, whatever had taken up occupancy in my house had made me a target for some reason and was after me big time!
Every night I would sleep with the light on in the bedroom, and out on the landing but I could still see shadows moving around under the bottom of my bedroom door every night and would hear the most horrendous sounds.

It’s fair to say I thought I was going mad!

As the weeks passed I became more and more tired, everywhere I walked in the house at night I would be followed. The hairs on my arms and neck were always sticking up and I felt like a scared cat. The house felt possessed and cold, not one room felt OK for me to be in on my own.

I could feel my health starting to suffer and work was becoming really tricky, the worst part of course is not being able to talk to your friends about the problems for fear of ridicule.

My wife and I would speak on the phone at night until the early hours then I would hop into bed as fast as I could while still on the phone and hope for a good nights sleep, I would ask for protection from anything out there that is positive from whatever was roaming around the house and threatening my very sanity.
Time and time again I would wake up to feel and see the sheets in the bed moving and know something was trying to get into bed next to me.

My skin would crawl and I knew deep inside this was very negative energy that was after me and something must be done to sort the problem out, this was not going to just go away as I had hoped. No amount of asking for heavenly help was going to cut to the ice!


3am Witching Hour?

One night I woke up at exactly 3am to find myself wet with sweat, it was the summer time and already warm but the house was intensely hot, I could hear the central heating pump running and then felt the red hot radiator in my room. The heating was on even though it was not programmed to come on and I was streaming with sweat.

I ran down stairs to look at the programme controller and found to my amazement the light was off, which meant the programmer had not turned the heating on, this was impossible and beyond belief.

Surely these things only happen in Hollywood films!
I opened the windows and turned the power off to the heating pump and then led in bed praying for help, bear in mind I am not faintly religious at all.

Things felt as though they were escalating so I decided to put the house on the market and move as I could not stand to come home anymore and stayed out whenever I could.

Psychics, What Do They Do?

Around this time my wife had invoked the help of a lovely psychic called Christina that frequently came into the hair salon my wife worked in as a receptionist.
Christina spent a few weeks working with us to clear the house and remove all the nasty energies that it held.

We made regular visits to her house for lessons on spiritual protection to develop a greater understanding of this new world we were now part of. We both felt a better understanding would help to protect ourselves from this unseen enemy.
After a few months Christina had removed around 23 different spirits from the house and a very nasty banshee as she described it.

This was the entity that had made our lives miserable for the past six months and had taught both my wife and I how to experience real terror!
For this point on-wards I decided that all of my spare time would be used in a positive way to learn about and understand this new world that we had been exposed too.

Books were delivered from Amazon and any second hand book shops we passed would be scoured for interesting books on anything to do with the unseen, my thirst for knowledge was remarkable bearing in mind six months before I had no interest in any of this woo woo at all and would have been at the front of the queue laughing at any talk of ghosts, spirits and aliens.

My wife kept saying all I want is a normal life like everybody else, however I had the feeling the word “normal” would never again be part of our lives.

To this day that has been the case although of course now the terrible experience we had suffered is being used in a positive way to help others.
To fully understand how negative energies can affect the lives of people and places you must experience this first hand you’re self.

Our initiation into the unseen has been an invaluable tool and learning opportunity for the work we now find ourselves doing.
Looking back we laugh at the things we tried to do to help ourselves but like all things in life learning the hard way gives you the best grounding into your subject matter.

My help to others!

I now speak to people from all over the world through our website and have helped many to understand that what they are going through.

Everything can be explained when you fully understand what you are dealing with and also can be sorted out.

There are many people who work with negative energies in one way or another and are able to offer help and support so don’t feel alone with your problems.


Spiritual Training

As the years moved forward Andy joined various psychic circles and realised that his spiritual path led him to healing using Reiki to start with but soon had great intentions for self development.

Whilst sitting in a Reiki master course Andy was introduced to a new spirit guide who called himself “Chen”, he explained that he would like to work with Andy healing, this type of healing he called psychic surgery.
He explained that whilst going to my now regular psychic circle’s he would like to start practising coming into my physical being whilst in a meditative trance, this training went on for about one year before he was fully able to come through, control Andy’s physical body and speak through him.

The rest is history as they say.

“Chen” is still my principal guide and spirit surgeon although he works with teams of other surgeons and guides depending upon the condition being treated.
Rather like our own hospitals each surgeon has their own speciality and during an operation there is a theatre full of helpers and other staff to facilitate the operations. This is the same in spirit.

When I start working I enter a meditative state, place protection around myself and the patient, communicate with my guides, they then explain what they plan to do and I then give them access to use my physical bodies for the work they are about to embark on.

I am still able to talk and am fully aware of the procedure, at times they show me what they are doing visually which can be somewhat disconcerting and at other times “Chen” will take over completely and speak directly to the patient.

Chen will be happy to answer questions about any topic you wish to cover and regularly provides clients with interesting insights into their previous lives especially if the current condition is a carry on from a past life.