Other Cosmic Energies

“Chens Channelling” – Teaching from a Spirit Guide

The cosmos is made up of infinite other planets, star systems and galaxies!

The cosmos is made up of infinite other planets, star systems and galaxies far beyond those that man has explored and named. This huge array of other planets and star systems and other energies do exist. Some are similar in the form that humans have taken and many more exist in very different forms.

‘Form’ is a name given to the makeup of energy creating the life energy and containing the Spirit and soul essence. Human form consists of a physical body as the slowest dense vibration that can be seen and containing many other bodies, each one a mirror of the physical body containing different parts of the soul essence.

At the very core of the human body shell is the Spirit essence. This is the main part that holds together all the other bodies and is the substance of the human being. It cannot be changed in any way or deteriorate even during the process of physical death.

This core essence is part of the whole energy system and makes up for the learning and lessons, which are all part of the choice to take part in human life.

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Extraterrestrial Life

Earth’s History

A single human life takes on a minute learning curve that the soul incorporates into itself to develop the inner soul. It is then added to the overall God head energy that makes up the overall life and existence of the love energy that is everything.

All energies in all places exist in a very different form but all added together their lessons and core energy create the vibration of love. All energy is essentially coming together to combine love. Understandably the word love as described by the human dictionary does not correctly define what this energy is, as the human being cannot fully understand how energy works and why this is important in developing the vibration and essence of love. But never the less, your understanding of love works well for a being that is in its infancy.

To understand the human being and their task is to integrate the whole meaning of life into a single human life and this is why, for most humans, life seems a trial with no real return to the investment of their lessons and learning.
Each species exists for a tiny fraction of time in comparison to the whole and their life experience is then combined into their core species evolvement. This is true for all energies, human and all others, and is how with the evolvement of a species’ learning is achieved. The more intellectual the species the faster they can evolve and change their core makeup.

If you consider any animal, such as a goat, their intellect is very small and so it will take them a considerable time to learn lessons which add to their core essence and slowly adapt to new environments and change the way they exist.

This is the real reason the human being has and does continually evolve at a relatively fast rate. The intellect is more advanced, and as a group learning from the lessons of each individual, the core human essence moves ahead quickly. Human advancement in the area of technology has shown this to some degree, but from a Spiritual view point, the advancement has been much slower as many humans become distracted with their material desires at the expense of their Spiritual evolvement.

Existing on planet earth are many different energies, more than can be written about, and much like the number of different species of plants and animals, there are also large numbers of unseen energies that co-exist within the same energetic space as humans and other life on planet earth.

These energies have existed on planet earth long before human life evolved, and as such, these energies are well established within the planet. To a large degree they have manipulated the planet’s energy and do still control the planet’s vibration today.
Energy is a vibration and cannot be created or destroyed, but can change in its form. It can also be harnessed and used for good or bad depending upon the intent

To catalogue the other unseen energies would be a very time-consuming task and also there are universal laws that must be worked within. This is one of the core reasons why a less developed energy form such as a human must be slowly educated and touched by other more advanced energies.

Those energies working for the highest good of all mankind would not remove the human’s freewill to either teach or manipulate their energy and would always work through the vibration of love. Whereas those energies working for either their own gain or for the negative will try to taint mankind for their own reasons, working to their own agenda.

When discussing other energies, we must make the distinction between positive and negative. Throughout earth’s history, humans have interacted with both positive and negative energies. The remains found in some parts of the world depict these energies for all to see – they use pictorial means to portray a story of how unseen energies have touched mankind. If you look back through history and only work with the real discoveries you can see this.

Ancient remains left over from the past help archaeologists to work out how different civilisations lived and how they interacted with more intelligent beings and other forms of life other than those that can be seen.