Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Ghosts – Haunted Houses

Ghosts Seem Able to Walk Through Walls

Much has been written on this phenomenon over the years and there still is much debate about what occurs when a ghost is spotted and what proof exists that indeed anything physical really exists.
So let’s talk around our own experience and our opinion of ghosts.

As part of the work we do conversing with discarnate spirit is a daily part of our day since we communicate with our own guides using telepathy. Our own guides have at some point inhabited in a human body and have lived on this planet in order to gain the human experience and help push forward the evolvement of humanity.
Now in our opinion a ghost sighting is in essence a replay of an event in the past that has imbued its energy into that particular location or place.

The classic sighting is of a ghost walking through a wall. As buildings have changed over the years this can be explained more simply as during the time that person was alive they walked from one room to another in their property and since this was repeated so often their energy signature became amplified and would have been absorbed into the fabric of the building while they performed this particular action.

If the energetic conditions are right, normally for example around a full moon when the energetic field changes it can be possible for someone physical to see the ghost of a discarnate person walk through a wall. Bearing in mind the wall probably never existed in the past and would more than likely be a new addition to the property therefore giving the impression that a ghost has walked through a wall. What actually happened is the person viewing the event saw a replay of an event that happened in the past as an energetic replay. These events can be distinguished as replays of history as there is no way to interact with the ghost, the event just plays over and over never changing although possibly seen by different people.

This would be our explanation on the general ghost siting, but obviously a ghost siting does not account for hauntings and diabolic behaviour by unseen negative energies that have the ability to interact with the living and effect them in the physical, whereas a ghost siting is a benign event.

Remember ghosts do not interact with living people.

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