Chen – Ouija Board

CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses OUIJA BOARD

Ouija Boards Facilitate Communication with the Spirit World

The Ouija board or talking board as it is commonly referred to is a wooden board used to facilitate communication with the Spirit world.

This board in itself comprises a piece of wood with numbers and letters painted or inscribed on it and a planchette used to move across the board detailing which letters and numbers are being highlighted to form words used by the Spirit to communicate with the board users.

In itself it is a benign tool used for decades to communicate with Spirit. However, the user must use intent and direction to explicitly detail with whom they wish to communicate in Spirit. If this intent is not given at the outset of use, then any energy can be contacted and more than likely this will be of negative persuasion.
The Ouija board has been used as a tool by mediums and psychics from time passed, and is still an important tool today if used responsibly and with control.

With the increasing popularity of all things Spiritual, the Ouija board has again found stardom by those using it as a center piece of entertainment.

This brings with it many problems – as a lion tamer would use precaution when training a lion, so the users of the talking board MUST ascertain much caution and protection before engaging in such activities.

Channeling other energies can be dangerous and at times causes catastrophic affairs if not done by experienced people who know what they are doing and have access to their own Spiritual protection. All things Spiritual revolve around the intent of those requesting communication and if the requestor does not have integrity, morality and self-control the positive Spiritual energies will NOT engage in communication.
This must be borne in mind when working with any such Spirit communication tool, whether it is the Ouija board or other dowsing devices such as pendulums.

There are negative elements that exist around you that will thrive with communication where intent and positive understanding is not invoked. The outcome of this type of communication will involve deception at best, but much worse will surely follow.

Our advice is to tread very carefully around this area of Spirit communication.