How do Drugs change the etheric field?

Drugs both recreational and medical damage the ethric field and make us vunerable to negative energies

Cigarettes and Alcohol both seem to have hardly any affect on the auric field and although they will lower our psychic protection do not seem to cause big problems if used in moderation.

Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin

These harder drugs definitely seem to cause very big holes to appear in our auras and significantly weaken our psychic protection, this leaves us more open to problems with spirit and entity attachment causing problems such as Schizophrenia.

Nearly all of the clients I see with conditions related to hearing voices have taken drugs at some point in their life and more than often the voices started whilst they were taking drugs or while they were experimenting with the occult.

Ouija boards are also a source of problems for those that mess about and don’t know what they are doing. These tools must be given the greatest respect.