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What do we check and do during a Psychic Surgery appointment?

We check and clear the following spiritual problems during the process of the spiritual health check. 
You will receive a full detailed report of my findings.
If you particualr problems please add them to the booking form and those questions can be addressed during your psychic surgery appointment.

Curses Removed.
Black Magic Cleared.
Witchcraft Cleared.
Chakras Opened and Cleared.
Entities Removed.
Spirits Removed.
Alien Implants Removed.
Property Cleared.
Cars Cleared.
Inter-dimensional Parasites Cleared.
General Psychic Clearing.

Which Health Symptoms Can Be Worked On?

The list below details some of the health problems that can be helped with a Spiritual Health check.

Pains that have no physical source.
Hearing Voices.
Negative Thoughts.
Suicidal Thoughts.
Sleep Problems, paralysis.
Unexplained Fear.
Rage, Anger for no reason.
Confused mind and thoughts.
Itching over body at night.

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