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CHEN – Spirit Guide Discusses CHAKRAS

Chakras are the core energetic engine of the spiritual and physical body.

Chakras are the core energetic engine of the spiritual and physical body. They are very misunderstood and many of the teachings do not correctly or adequately cover how they work and what they do.

As with any engine it comprises of various moving parts, there is no real requirement to understand how they operate in combination with each other, but the overall outcome must be clearly shown and understood. In the example of a motor car, the person driving the car does not need to know every component of the engine and the job it is there to do. But they do need to understand how to drive the vehicle and make it move correctly using the instrumentation provided in the cabin.

The same concept applies to the chakra system of the human body. You do not need to fully understand how it works, but you do need to understand what it does and how it must be maintained to provide you with a spiritually healthy body.

The chakra system is an energetic waterfall, in that energy is pulled in from the universe around the physical human being and then directed down through the human being from the head to the feet.
If the chakra system is working at optimum capacity then energy will be drawn in through the crown chakra in the skull and then pulled down by each lower chakra as it moves down through the spiritual body. This downward motion helps to provide the human being with a form of energy that is not yet quantifiable by science, but in time it will be recognised and understood. However, it is essential to the human being. If the chakra system is working correctly then the human being will feel clear and calm at their heart center, life will be much better and the general physical health will also complement the overall energetic status.

If the chakra system is not working at its optimum capacity then energy will not move through and around the spiritual body correctly.
This will create energetic blockages and areas of negative or stale energy in the spiritual body. Over time the physical health of the individual will start to manifest problems and areas of disease.

Dis-ease meaning what the word implies – the general status of the body is not “at-ease” with itself.

If the chakra system is not working well then, the auric field, being the magnetic field that surrounds the physical body will start to diminish and possibly perforate in places as the chakra system continues to operate ineffectively. As the auric field diminishes and starts to collapse in on itself, so the physical health of the individual will progressively get worse.

Good nutrition will help to keep the physical body operating on a day to day level adequately but will not help to resolve the problems that are manifesting in the spiritual engine of the human being, the chakra system.
Keeping the chakra system clean and operating at its optimum capacity should be the number one requirement of all human beings as this is the ultimate key to a happy, calm and healthy life.

The chakra system can be cleaned and maintained using the following methods:
1. Meditation and visualisation.
2. Crystals and crystal therapy.
3. Healers that are competent in working with the chakras
(normally invoking some kind of spiritual guidance).

Since the chakra system is non-physical and cannot be seen with the human eye, it must be worked with and on, using some type of psychic sight.
This can be easily performed by everyone that has learnt the concepts of meditation and visualisation.

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