Cancer the biggest killer in the 21st Century

Why is this, and what can I do to help myself?

Talking with my guide “Chen” his opinion is that a healthy body with clean blood will not tolerate or support the growth of cancer cells.

The key to fighting to cancer is to support the immune system providing it with the correct nutrition required to support healthy cell growth. In a nutshell, if you have cancer you must research the following therapies listed below and take a good look at your diet.

Dietary changes to support your immune system and detox your blood:-

Stop eating meat.
Stop eating dairy products (milk and cheese).
Stop eating or drinking sugar (especially soda drinks, cokes etc).
Stop eating bread, gluten is a real problem for the gut lining.
Start vegetable and fruit juicing.
Start exercising, moving the body will help to detox.
Start drinking lemon juice with honey first drink of the day.
Start meditating and address your mental state.
Start taking regular epsom salt baths, this helps to detox.
Purchase some ph test strips to regularly review the state of acid in your body, (high acidity enables cancer cells to thrive).
Research detox therapies.

Research the following therapies:

Gerson Therapy
Burzynski Clinic
Joanna Budwig Diet
Dr John Bergman

juicing vegetables