Chen – Spirit Surgeon

Knowledge, as the saying goes, is Power and with Power comes confidence and love.

Conversation from Spirit Surgeon “Chen” to You!

First, I would like to express my thanks to the reader for arriving at this website, and know you have not arrived here by accident. Being in a place where the mind can open and accept the concept of teachings and communication from Spirit.

Many are unable to cope with this concept. The teachings that are received from schools do not provide the correct information about the concept of channeled information. All religions currently working on planet earth provideguidance that channeled information is the primary method of communication from the higher energies they work with, to teach and guide the disciple towards the concept of love and peace.

This method of communication is open to every single human being walking planet earth, as each human is divinely equipped to connect with their own guidance system and receive telepathic communication in this manner. Channeling is age old and predates the spoken word in many native tribes currently on planet earth.

Unfortunately, the teachings of telepathic communication have been lost over the years, as western countries have developed and science has become the guidance method used. Now all developed countries look to ‘science’ to provide the answers to all questions from the beginning of the world and solar system to answer on physical health and human development.

In time, you will see that this method of guidance and communication returning to all living beings on this planet as mankind evolves and again awakens to the realization that a human being is connected in many ways to its own Spiritual evolvement of enlightenment from within. This means that in order to find peace and happiness inside other words known as Love, this cannot be done by externalising. Love, and the vibration of love, come from within when the human has connected itself back to its Spiritual roots and has the energy of the mother and father flowing through the physical body.

The mother is the planet earth and her energy is divinely feminine. The father energy is all around you and could be called “the air that you breathe”. When these two energies are connected at the heart, the vibration of love will flow through the human being and the human will again feel the bliss that many have described when they have attained this level of consciousness known as Christ Consciousness.

The information that has been given with love from Spirit is aimed at human beings who are taking these steps towards enlightenment. The information will open the core consciousness of the human and will start to help the incorrect teachings that you have been given from childhood to drop away. You will find that you will start to question everything you have been taught, your vibration will alter and your own inner-guidance will kick in to provide intuitive help in your pursuit towards the truth.

As the information sinks into the deeper subconscious levels, a knowing will develop and you will find yourself in a much stronger and more confident position with those around you. You will start to intuitively know what is right and what is wrong. When people talk to you, your heart charka will start to open and those around you that you love will start to notice a dramatic difference with your personality. You will become more peaceful within.