Hearing voices in your head, this is a very distressing and life changing problem.

For people that are hearing voices otherwise known as auditory hallucinations in their head, the symptoms can be similar at times to other major brain disorders, such as bipolar disorder manic depression or even major depression, hearing voices is the most common symptom.  Many people that are experiencing intrusive thoughts or hearing voices will most probably suffer from anxiety, depression and maybe paranoid or believe that nothing is wrong with them. Therefore may not want to visit a doctor, medical practitioner or psychiatrist. Intrusive thoughts and or hearing voices make It difficult for a person to distinguish between what is real and unreal. They will struggle to think clearly and to behave in socially acceptable ways. Auditory hallucinations are usually meaningful to the person experiencing them and many times the voices they hear they think are those of someone they know or think they know. The majority of the time the voices they hear are critical, vulgar, abusive and suggest doing negative things to other people especially loved ones, they are incessant and cannot be turned off.

The first question people tend to ask is:
Why is this happening to me, and more importantly what can I do to stop the abusive voices?

Common Symptoms of Schizophrenia.
( Auditory Hallucinations )

  • People hearing voices or having intrusive thoughts know that the voices they hear are not their own.
  • There can be more than one voice, and they chatter away all day and all night, they cannot be stopped.
  • People that are hearing voices will be irritable, anxious, depressed, tired and fearful.
  • People hearing voices will know the thoughts are wrong and not coming from their own mind.
  • Some people can actually see either spirits or negative entities that are talking to them and this will be very scary.
  • Changes in behaviour will be noticed by close members or the person’s friends or family, such as change of dress sense, change of eating or drinking habits, drug-taking, alcohol abuse, etc.
  • Self-medication is very common as substance abuse can temporarily stop the voices as the conscious mind is blocked.
  • Other symptoms will be unexplained fatigue, depression, addictions, anxiety, physical symptoms, chronic illnesses, and sudden mood changes.

Summary Of Symptoms

  • Hearing voices, Hallucinations, Delusions, Racing thoughts, Apathy, Lack of emotion.
  • Disorganized thoughts, Memory problems, Oversleeping or insomnia.
  • Odd or irrational statements, Forgetful; Unable to concentrate.
  • Extreme reaction to criticism, Strange use of words.
  • Speaking in a different language, not their first language.
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene, Flat, expressionless gaze.
  • Inability to cry or express joy. Inappropriate laughter or crying.
  • Depression, Anxiety, Concentration issues, Social withdrawal
  • Hostility

Why do people hear voices?

People who experience hear voices “auditory hallucinations” and have intrusive thoughts are often diagnosed as having a mental illness by the medical profession. 

Some of these people can have a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception.These people might then be treated according to specific therapeutic protocols or treatment guidelines, and be labelled as suffering with a chronic illness like paranoid schizophrenic.

For many people that experience hearing voices and intrusive thoughts this seems to happen after some type of substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs both medical and recreational.

Many also start hearing voices after spiritual practices such as meditation or ritual invocations that don’t invoke the correct type of spiritual protection opening the etheric field to some type of negative attachment.

I have many clients that have started using Ouija boards for fun, and after a period of time, they have opened themselves upon the spiritual level attracting some type of non-physical energy that seems to attach to them and follow them around. This could be a dis-carnate spirit (once-living person) or some type of negative entity (demon, Jinn, etc). 

Many people that are hearing voices and having intrusive thoughts are able to see and communicate with Spirits, Demons, or other non-physical entities. This is exactly the same as spiritual mediums and psychics, the only difference being a spiritual medium and psychic has learned how to protect themselves from negative energy and tends to communicate with a spiritual guide. This guide helps and works with the spiritual medium and psychic, therefore they can control their thoughts and only hear specific non-physical voices as they choose. 

Mediums and psychics also hear voices.
However, the type of conversation appears to be different.
They appear to hear positive voices and rarely hear negative or dark voices.
Mediums and psychics have been hearing voices for hundreds of years. It is accepted that many religious leaders and members of monarchy communicate with their chosen deity with the help of mediums and psychics.
Why is it acceptable to attend spiritual shows and churches at which mediums and psychics perform and appear able to speak with deceased relatives? Are all mediums and psychics mentally ill because they hear voices?

This is the only real difference between a spiritual medium and a person hearing voices. The medium is in control of the conversation whilst a regular person cannot control the intrusive thoughts and voices they hear.


In my experience as a psychic surgeon, the main reason a person hears voices and has intrusive thoughts is that their etheric field has been penetrated by non-physical entities.
These non-physical entities can then use telepathy to engage the person directly with thought-based communication.

How can I detach these entities?

This is the real question everyone asks and needs to fully understand before making choices. I have been working for many years now as a spiritual medium and psychic surgeon alongside the eminent Dr. Terence Palmer.

Dr. Palmer has traveled the world presenting his evidence that non-physical energies are the cause of many mental health conditions.

He has presented many of his papers to psychiatry conferences around the world and together we have both set up a new Spirit Release Organisation with the intent to teach and engage with Psychiatry around the world.

We have also setup a website showing a YouTube video of a UK Solider that has been suffering from voices and PTSD for 23 years. He had tried all the medication available, been sectioned many times and even tried to commit suicide!

His voices were stopped with an hour using our technique!

To watch our techniques and process check out the website https://www.hearingvoiceshelp.com/

We have a database of over 750 cases that have been documented and recorded. These can be used as evidence that the techniques we have developed works, without the need for medication and can be done within an hour!

We are hopeful that soon the medical profession will engage with us and test the technique we are using.

Using our technique we can engage with these non-physical energies and detach them, the intrusive thoughts and voices then either stop or fade into the background.

SRT Training Courses


The year 2019 saw our training program expand to Mexico and the United States.

We have been acknowledged by no less than five senior psychiatrists in the UK, members of the Royal College of Psychiatry and the Royal Society of Medicine and we are being asked, ‘When is our training coming to London?’

We, therefore, need to raise the bar on efficiency and standards with the aim of running a training event on the premises of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Our ultimate agenda is to integrate these Spiritual techniques into the medical establishment and psychiatry. Our techniques can work alongside conventional medications to help people that are suffering.

My experience working with clients

In my experience as a psychic surgeon, most of these cases can be treated as energy attachment, and when the other occupying energy is removed the voice’s stop and normal life can be then maintained, in saying that if large amounts of drugs have been used especially LSD then hallucinations will possibly remain but the voices that have been heard will have been stopped.

Having treated many clients that have been diagnosed with this problem it is fully understandable to see why these people hear voices and are manipulated by the controlling energies that have attached themselves to them. These energies can be a discarnate spirit or they can be negative entities, in general, you will find that the voices are almost never positive and very manipulative.

They require energy from the host to exist and maintain the attachment and to generate this energy they try to create as my negativity and fear in the host as they can. The more fear they can create the greater the hold they have.

The person will be told or manipulated to think that if they do what is being asked by the attachment then they will be left alone for a while and the voices will stop but this is just a ploy to encourage a negative routine normally ending in self-harm or harming others around them.

In my experience as a psychic surgeon, there are essentially two different types of energies that attach to human beings and each has different intentions.

Discarnate Spirits


This category of attachment I have found the easiest to work with and communicate with, they are almost always somehow entangled into the human’s energy structure many times without knowing how this happened and are essentially bound to the human lacking the ability to remove themselves.
Upon being asked to remove themselves they often respond well when they realise they cannot stay attached any longer and will detach from the human and allow my guides to take them where they should be. This is the advantage we ave performing psychic surgery as we can view the etheric field.

Negative Energies

This category is much more tricky to deal with as they are very intelligent energies that have been around far longer than us in the incarnation we are currently experiencing.

For negative entities to have attached themselves to a person their auric shield must have been penetrated as the auric shield protects us against entity attachment invasion.

Most of my clients seem to have opened themselves up on a spiritual level using either substance abuse or whilst present when using spirit contact devices such as Ouija boards, or other occult practice and this can be traced back to the onset of their schizophrenia and hearing voices.

The majority of those that suffer will say they feel as though they are possessed to some level and they cannot understand how others cannot hear the same voices when in their presence. They can see the energies around them and will often be very afraid as the energies will show themselves as demons, aliens or other fearful creatures.
The person suffering will most probably have watched many films especially horror films in their life and the energies will find the images that created the most fear and this will then be mirrored back to them and used to control and re-create as much fear as possible.
This is the reason in my opinion that images of demons are most typical for people that suffer from this problem.

Working in this area is also very difficult for the therapist as since we do what we do, we are also targeted by negative energies and psychic protection must, therefore, become a daily part of your life.

These energies are very intelligent and also seem to have an infinite amount of time to sit and wait for you to forget about your own protection one day whilst rushing through our busy lives, and at this time will take the opportunity to try and penetrate your auric protection. If this happens you sill start to notice feeling irritable, jittery, tired and annoyed with those your love.
Try taking a salt bath and perform cleansing visualisations using purple light.

In my opinion and due to the ever-expanding misuse of drugs in our society I think we will start to see an exponential growth of these problems in the near future.

I feel spiritual protection will become more important than physical protection in future as we are opening to more energies as we start to move towards the ascension of earth.

Self Help Techniques


If you think you have or know somebody that could be experiencing spirit/entity attachment there are a number of things you can try should you so wish before contacting a professional.

  • Contact a psychic and ask them to check for entity and spirit attachments.
  • Drink plenty of water, water contains light and will detoxify your body helping to increase your vibration. In addition, the herbal remedy ivy can be added as this is a highly protective herb to the human body and can be obtained easily.
  • Incense sticks burning will also help to clear the room or area you spend time in as they contain powerful herbs.
  • Sit in meditation and ask your spirit guides to help.
  • Use affirmations and visualisations on a regular basis, there are many that can be helpful to see below for an example.
  • If you taking part in recreational drug or alcohol abuse stop, this is a negative addiction and will encourage negative energy.
  • Sprinkle sea salt around your house and all-around your bed.  (Very Important)
  • Leave a light on at night in your bedroom.Play classical music in your house