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Negative-Entities, Old religions and ancient traditions make reference to negative entities in their scripture.

To this day voodoo, witchcraft, spells, and curses can be invoked to stream negative energy at a person.

Negative energy is just that, an energy that is the opposite of positive. This energy in my experience can take many forms and we as humans have though out the centuries given certain names and identities to this energy such as demons and monsters. Old religions and ancient traditions make reference to Negative-Entities in their scripture and even to this day voodoo and spells can be used to invoke streams of negative energy by those that understand how to work with this energy to the detriment of the target person.

Since most spiritual practices and techniques cannot be measured and quantified in the same way we measure and quantify physical things with our 3rd-dimensional perception and therefore the process of believing is much harder for those who have not been touched or sensitive to the unseen world. However, things that go bump in the night are a fact for many people and it seems odd we are as humans drawn to exploring the unseen world.

Old religions and ancient traditions make reference to negative entities in their scripture. To this day voodoo, witchcraft, spells, and curses can be invoked to stream negative energy at a person.

Since most spiritual practices and techniques cannot be measured and quantified in the same way we measure and quantify physical things with our 3rd-dimensional perception and therefore the process of believing is much harder for those who have not been touched or sensitive to the unseen world. However, things that go bump in the night is a fact for many people and it seems odd we are as humans drawn to exploring the unseen world.

What is negative energy?

Everything our five senses ( touch, smell, taste, hear, sight) can pick up constitutes energy in one form or another and we know that energy can neither be created or destroyed but its form can be changed.
Spiritual energy is sometimes conceived of as a universal life force running within and between all things, this energy can be referred to as “qi, prana, kundalini, the breath of life or spirit.

Working with these concepts it would be easy to go with the concept of good and bad energy since everything in life has an equal and opposite force and here is where the idea of positive energy and negative energy comes in.

Many healers can see negative energy in the body using their psychic sight and this energy can be manipulated using various tools again such as crystals but the subject of negative energy is large enough to fill a book of its own so here we will cover the types of negative energy and more importantly for the reader how this energy can be dissipated or removed for healing to take place.

Our Emotions and External Influences


We all know and would agree that we have good days and bad days, this could then be translated into positive and negative emotions, depending upon how we feel and the reasons behind the feelings.

The medical profession also agrees that depending on how a patient feels affects their state of mind in a positive or negative manner and this will affect how well the healing that takes place for them.

Those feeling very positive and keen to get better will more than likely do just that whereas those that feel down and depressed will probably heal at a much slower rate, therefore the mind can be an influencing factor relating to the speed of healing that takes place.

From this, we can see that the way we feel and think will greatly influence ourselves and others around us, who want to work with and sit opposite a negative person that moans all day about the cards they have been dealt, whereas we all have come across those that can walk into a room and light the room up with their positive smiley chirpy personality.
This is an example of how negative energy can affect your outlook.

Also as shown opposite people can take your energy from, hence the concept of an energy vampire. 


We all have an innate ability to feel using our senses and our psychic ability, some have trained this ability like a muscle and are very good at sensing things and picking things up from their surroundings.

Most people can relate to an experience of walking into a room or building and feeling uncomfortable for no apparent reason, but their senses have picked up a threat and their bodies are put into a state of alert, this is the famous “fight or flight” scenario that we have inherited from our ancestors. The idea here is that since your aura expands into your environment before your physical body you can feel and sense things, the same concept as when you’re out in the shopping centre or superstore and you walk past someone but feel uncomfortable, the hairs may stand up on your neck and you feel uneasy, this is a defence mechanism that your physical body is employing for you to warn you of danger.

Depending upon your makeup and personality you may feel easier in a light, positive environment or if you are the other way inclined you may feel happier in a dark, threatening environment. Most people will feel unsure and uneasy walking through a dangerous part of a city at night and this is probably because we know it’s a negative place and our senses can pick up on the negative energy that we are exposed too.

Houses are the same, areas that are not used and crammed full of old things start to harbor stale and maybe negative energy, as time passes this energy gets thicker and as the universal law states “like attracts like” grows and gets bigger.
Feng Shui works with this principle of negative and stale energy, creating a harmonious feeling in your home or business mean removing obstructions so energy can flow without restriction and does not get caught up in corners and behind objects, planets and living things can be incorporated to increase the flow of positive energy.

Many large companies employ Feung Shui consultants to design their offices and attract prosperous positive energy, Orange the mobile phone company became famous for their use of Feng Shui, foo dogs at the front of their buildings to ward off negative energy and coins under the doormats to their buildings to attract prosperity. If the concept of working with energy both positive and negative was just superstition would big corporate companies engage in these types of esoteric practice?.

Entities – What can I do?


Working on the theory that there are unseen forces that operate in our time and space continuum then we can establish the presence of other life and other energies that must exist within our physical space, these energies have not yet been categorized and documented by the scientific communities but in time to come, this will indeed happen.

Many books have been written on aliens and other life forms, and the word entity has been around a long time, even though there is no actual hard evidence for the existence of such beings or energies we term entitles.

If you are looking for hard evidence then this is difficult to find since most people even if they came across an unseen entity would not be prepared to go on record and document their experience for fear of ridicule by their family and friends not to mention the possibility of losing their job and ending up in the local loony tunes establishment.

Society has been constructed in such a way to stop people from expressing their personal experience if it does not fit into the accepted normal life that is promoted by the various controlling structures around the world.

Looking back into the past it is not difficult to find pictorial evidence of non-human creatures, the pyramids in Egypt are an excellent example of a time when non-human looking creatures existed were talked about and drawn providing some type of evidence from our ancestors that planet earth has in fact been party to visitors that can travel through space and also command the population using their non-earthly powers for some time.

The bible and other scripture also document very clearly that the human being can be possessed and attacked by unseen forces and this fear factor has been used by all religions as a form of control for the masses, even today we still find religions using fear as their method of dictatorship citing that to please God and remain pure one must follow the rules very precisely and do as the holy book dictates, forgetting that every bible and holy book in the world has been written by a human and therefore contains a bias.

There is no way currently we can capture images or more real scientific detailed proof of these energies and so we carry on working with myth and legend as to where they are from and what they can do on this planet.

How can they affect us?

demon image

In my experience working in the way I do my interpretation of the unseen forces I have personally come across is simply that there are energies we cannot see in the physical but that have the ability to connect with humans and speak to us using telepathy if we have a perforated aura and our spiritual protection has been broken down.

These energies are largely fully conscious in that they can think for themselves and they can make decisions, they are very clever and know their way around the human psyche. To underestimate their potential would be a grave mistake, some are what we would call from the light and have positive intent towards humanity working in the higher astral plane and others have a negative intent and therefore we refer to them as from shadow working from the lower astral plane.

While working on many clients I have seen many other energies come in and work alongside my own guides helping and offering alternate knowledge to those working with humanity in this positive way. They seem to be here on planet earth to provide help and reassurance to the other spiritual energies working here and again seem to have a wholly positive agenda.

I have personally experienced many different types of energies working through me whilst trance channeling during psychic surgery appointments with my clients.

On the other hand again in my opinion working with clients, I have spoken directly to controlling and possessing entities that seem to be running their human victim, these energies are always very aggressive, rude and full of their own self-importance, they do not recognize or care that they have taken over and tormented the human host and laugh at the concept of releasing them from their grasp.

They mostly always recite that the human host had lowered their spiritual protection and in some form or another agreed to the possession from these entities.

This seems to happen when drugs invoke a psychedelic state and the person whilst on their trip gives up their free will to another entity and allows them to also occupy their human body and feed on their energy.

These entities need the energy to exist as we do food and water so for them, it’s like striking gold, a ready source of human energy on tap all the time.
They are able to increase their energy intake by creating fear and hate in the human host as this increases the negative energy and so increases the available substance for the controlling entity.

When the human host enters a state of fear then adrenaline is released into their bloodstream and this increases the power felt by the entity. This is the reason these negative entitles always speak to the human host in a nasty and vicious manner and more often than not encourage them to commit suicide as this would release a massive energy rush which the entity can feed off. To them, it would be the best form of energy they can obtain as it would be filled with fear and adrenaline.

Most of the clients I see intuitively know there is something not right inside their body, many can actually feel things moving around inside a certain part of their body, a wriggling sensation or sharp movement is a common complaint.

Pain is another indication something is not right if the client has no reason for the pain to be felt, random pain is the same spot normally followed by an energy drain is common.

Our intuition is our best friend in these cases as it rings a warning bell loud and clear through to our subconscious that something is not right depending upon how sensitive we are and how attuned to our own body. Western society teaches us to disconnect from our intuition and use our logic in its place so for many people they struggle with these conditions for many years before they seek help from someone other than a conventional doctor.

Other ways we can be affected by these entities are from telepathy, this is the case for Schizophrenia, the offending negative energy links into our human energy by attaching cords of energy to us known as cording, normally at the chakra points and most commonly the lower chakra’s, sacral and solar plexus. When they have these links to our energy in place they have managed to successfully breach our inbuilt psychic protection and are then able to start talking to the human victim employing telepathy.

The human starts to hear voices in the head that initially claim to be positive but very quickly become very abusive and negative. Once this has been achieved the controlling entity will start to take over the personality of the human host and behavior will become unpredictable verging upon abusive. The negative entity will happily work slowly to gain full control of the human victim encouraging drug use and many negative behaviors, and will always ultimately encourage the human host towards suicide in my experience with clients I have discussed their experiences with.

Where do entities come from?


Many people ask where do these entities come from and the answer is we don’t really know, there are many ideas and different people have different viewpoints but since we are unable to prove the existence of other dimensions and alternate reality’s it’s not surprising that we don’t know for sure.

There is much speculation in the spiritual realm and many people have different opinions but actually, from my personal viewpoint it does not matter if it’s proved or not, the fact is these energies exist and do have a very large impact on our planet, probably more so than any of us realize.

Protection from these other energy forms is essential especially as planet earth is entering an ascension state and negativity is being released on a fast timescale, drugs and the breakdown of our societies will only enhance the problem until western society and science accept the concept of other energies and different dimensions, therefore, enabling us to start teaching our children these simple methods involving meditation and visualization to keep us protected.

Types Of Negative Entities

Many clients ask me how many different types of negative entities are there and what do they look like from a psychic perspective.
Working as a Psychic Surgeon I can see peoples etheric fields when I choose to scan them during appointments, I do not see them all the time. When I do scan them and work with my spirit guide “Chen” I can then see these negative entities and the form they take. There seem to be huge numbers and different types of these entities therefore for simplicity I tend to grade them as type 1, 2 and 3.

Type 1 – Gargoyle Entities

These entities present themselves as the well-known gargoyles that you see on the roof of many churches and cathedrals.
We find them very easy to remove and clear from the etheric field.

These negative entities are parasitic in nature, they seem to feed off of our negative emotions and energy to sustain themselves.

They can cause sleep related problems and generally create a feeling of being very tired, no energy and having strange negative thoughts.

Type 2 – Demonic Entities

These entities present themselves to me as the well-known demonic entities we see in the media. There are many different levels and types of these rather like a hierarchy. Most people have small ones that are relatively easy to remove.
These are the entities that all religions make reference towards.

My understanding from my guide “Chen” is that they have a hierarchy rather like we understand on the angelic realms. The lower the vibration then the more powerful the entity.

These entities or demons cause many problems, including very negative thoughts, suicidal tendencies, sleep problems, odd pains and emotions unexplainable by the medical profession. Signs of spiritual possession, odd smells that are nasty, animals move away and dogs may snarl.

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Type 3 – Alien Entities

Type 3 negative entities we come across would be described as Alien entities.
They can be difficult to remove.

Generally, these are very negative and have a hugely detrimental effect on the mental health of anyone they are connected with. They project intrusive thoughts and essentially feed on the negative vibration of the host they connect with. They cause many sleep related problems.

Many clients account suggest they are abducted whilst sleeping and have different types of test performed on them. They wake to find strange marks on their physical bodies and start to feel intense fear in the middle of the night whilst sleeping.