Psychic Surgery Appointment Choices and Types

Online Zoom

Audience With “CHEN”

This unique event will provide the opportunity for you to join an online Zoom event where Andy will “full trance” channel his Spirit Guide “Chen”.

During the event “Chen” will take questions from the live Zoom comments, and answer questions emailed in prior to the event.

Chen will also cover many different and interesting topics talking about the work he performs with Andy, why spiritual clearings are so important not just to people but also the planets evolution.

Chen will discuss SRT (spirit release therapy), negative entities and how he removes them, the requirement for psychic protection when meditating, how to connect with your own spirit guide, and much much more.

Choose Your Appointment

We offer a range of different psychic surgery appointment choices to suit most people, and budgets.

After the appointment we will email your Spiritual Report, our Spirit Attachment Guide (pdf) and a copy of Andy and Chen’s book (pdf).

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4x Person Group

25% Discount

Spiritual Health Check & Clearing


25% Discount

(Normal Price £180)

4-Person Group Health Check & Clearing

  • Spiritual Health Check For Your Family
  • Same As The 1-Person Health Check
  • Maximum Of 4-People
  • 1 Person Free (25% Discount)
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Remote Emergency Appointment

We fully understand there are times when you may have a spiritual crisis, requiring a very quick appointment.
We have created this emergency appointment for those such times to shortcut the normal schedule and access help very quickly.
(Within 24 hours).

Please note, we will help you as fast as we can, however we do not work over weekends.

Meet & Chat
With “Chen”

We are now offering personal 1-2-1 appoinments with Andy in trance and the ability to “chat directly with Andy’s spirit guide “Chen” over Zoom.
“Chen” is well loved by all that have the good fortune to chat with him during workshops and courses. Due to the enormous demand we are now offering a limited number of appointments for this special opportunity to “Chat with “Chen”.

In-Person Appointments!
We now work from Avebury.
United Kingdom

Andy Now Offers In-Person Appointments
Working From The UK’s Largest Ancient Stone Circle In The Heart Of The Avebury World Heritage Site

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Remote Regular Appointments

Many clients and especially therapists need to keep themselves spiritually healthy. 
We have a range of regular appointments that take away the anxiety and stress of staying spiritual healthy.



25% Discount

(Normal Price £180)

Every 3 Months

  • Same As The 1-Person Health Check
  • Every 3 Months For 1 Year
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Remote Commercial Clearings

Your business can be attacked in much the same way as a person can be targeted from a spiritual perspective. We offer a commercial clearing service that will clear your business and your staff leaving.

The aim of a business is to create energetic profit in the form of money, to pay shareholders, employees and the directors. To run a successful business a happy workforce who feel emotionally valued and bought into the business objective is essential.

Employees that come to work unhappy or that feel undervalued will not be as productive as happy, valued employees.

Therefore, with this in mind all employees need to be spiritually clear from negativity and intrusive thought-based spiritual control.

As part of this clearing, we clear all levels of negative control from the businesses employees and ensure they are sovereign, meaning without any level of unseen or occult control.

Land & Property Clearing

Land and property can become spiritually contaminated in a number of ways such as wars, people dying in pain, curses, black magic, witchcraft, portals, entity control etc.

We offer an effective way of spiritually clearing land and also property be it a new property or an existing property to create a harmonious, peaceful place to live in a positive vibration. This helps with the way you feel on the land or property and also how you sleep. Family and even business ventures can thrive in a positive and loving vibration.