Commercial Spiritual Clearings

Spiritual Clearing

Andy Porter and Jonno Webster Team Up To Clear Trouble Hit Businesses Suffering From Negative Energy and Hexes

Your business can be attacked in much the same way as a person can be targeted from a spiritual perspective. We offer a commercial clearing service that will work to clear your commercial business from all unseen negative intrusive control. 

Onsite, Andy or Jonno come to your commercial premises and work to clear your business both inside and outside.

We employ a range of spiritual clearing techniques we have both developed independently and in partnership over the past 20 years. 

Together Andy and Jonno have over 40 years of Spiritual Warfare experience working at the coal face and in the trenches against the most negative demonic energies that attach to our worldwide bank of clients.

Our joint expertise in this difficult area of Spiritual practice is unique. By invoking Andy and Jonno you are engaging a very powerful spiritual partnership.

We work with our master spiritual guides “Chen” and “White-Hawk” who in turn have created a very powerful team of entities in spirit that work with us to help clear your business enabling you your business to prosper.

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