Thank You

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Many Thanks for your Appointment Booking​

I have received your payment and appointment booking request.
Please have a read of the following information to ensure your appointment is scheduled as soon as possible.

1. Book a remote appointment.

2. Please enter a summary of the condition you would like treated.

3. Please include your paypal id (this will help us to match your name with your booking reservation payment).

4. Andrew will email you back with the next available remote appointment date and time.

5. There is no requirement for us to contact you during the appointment as all the work happens on your etheric body and it takes approx 5 days for the changes made to be mirrored into your physical body.

6. Please make a payment of £5 to reserve your appointment.
This is fully refundable if you change your mind. (Andrew is a genuine person and fully understands things change, if they do, then we will sort out any problems and refund your FULL payment.)

7. At the time and date of your appointment you can if you wish make yourself comfortable, lie on a bed or relax in front of the TV. However since we are working with our guides on your Etheric Body and not your physical you can be doing anything. At work, collecting the kids from school it makes no difference to the appointment.

8. Andrew will perform the work with his guides and will email you a report of what has been found and what has been done for you normally after the appointment or within 24 hours at busy times.

9. After receiving the report please make the remaining payment of £35.

10. Whilst you are next asleep my guides will visit you and will check the work that has been done on your etheric body. You will not feel pain and will not wake while this is underway. In the morning most clients report that they feel more peaceful and very different to normal.

11. Physical changes then start to happen over the next week or so as the physical body takes up the changes that have happened to the etheric body, this is a blueprint of the physical.