Chen – Spirit Guide

Chen – Spirit Guide

Many people have been treated by my spirit guide “Chen” or heard him talk via trance over the past 15 years.

Most would love to have seen an image of this amazing healer after felling the effects of his work, hence at last I have an amazing portrait.

The story behind the portrait goes like this:

One day in January 2021 whilst updating my website “Chen” said, it’s about time clients could see a picture of me. With that, I turned to google and typed in “spirit portrait artist” and up came a few pages of websites. While moving through the listings “Chen” said “stop”, that’s the person I want to draw my image.

That website was Anna Trew, Spirit portrait artist.

After a few emails, I received this portrait in the post. What an amazing image, just as I see “Chen” in my mind’s eye! 

Whilst looking at the image he said to me “I watched Anna draw every single line on my portrait to ensure it was an accurate representation of how I wish to be seen”.

Annas portrait was well past my expectations and as usual “Chen” was right, she is an amazing artist, her website can be found here: Anna Trew Spirit Artist


Who Was "Chen" During His Last Earth Life?

Now most people in the spiritual realm have a spirit guide that they like to talk about, “Chen is no different.

Since he works with me every day many clients are intrigued by “Chen” and regularly ask for more information about this powerful and humorous spirit guide. Especially after he facilitates so much help and healing for many clients.

My spirit guide “Chen” has been rather elusive to say the least about his past lives on planet earth hence I figured it was time to question him, and provide a view of who “Chen” is and why he is working with me.

Rewind Back To 1624

So “Chen’s” last physical incarnation was in the year 1624.

He lived in China, in what is now the providence of “Guangdong” on the eastern side of China, near what is now called the city of “Meizhou”. 
“Chen” lived in this area as a humble peasant, faming and fishing with his family, he had a wife and two children both boys. At that time he had a specific interest in plants and shamanic practices to help heal people.

Was "Chen" Famous?

No “Chen” was not famous in any way and is keen to make sure he stays that way, even though he does have a rather committed following among those clients that have met him in person and when Andrew trance channels him.

"Chen's Focus"

“Chen” has a passion to work with humanity, he loves people of all color and creed,  has no interest in religion and is very focussed on banishing negative energies from this planet.


Why Did You Pick "Andrew" To Work With?

This question comes up very often, why did “Chen” pick Andrew as his physical partner to work with and perform Psychic Surgery.

“Chen’s” answer is very simple. Andrew is humble and very easily to communicate with. He does not continually question my methods and provides me a secure and reliable physical platform in which to operate. When we choose a physical medium, “We” in spirit require an energetically  consistent person, that is un-phased by ridicule and can work without distraction.

“We” must invest a large about of our time and energy into the physical medium in order to facilitate the relationship we require to work hand in hand.

Trust is of the upmost importance when trance channelling as there are many dangers especially as in our case we come up against the dark aspect.

Negative energies (demons) are real and can very quickly destroy and end your life if you do not have a spiritual protection. 

During “Andrew’s” training as I like to call it, he once asked me this question:

“If I do this work with you, will you always have my back, I need to know and trust you are behind me whilst I walk into the darkness.

My reply was:

If you elect to work with me and my spiritual team, we will always have your back!

I come with some very powerful spiritual entities whom shall not be named however they will be right behind you along with me “Chen”.

Andrew accepted that answer and since then he is happy to do what we ask of him even if at times things become very uncomfortable 🙂

Chen goes on to talk about my wife Jayne.

At this point I need to bring in Andrew’s wife Jayne, she is pivotal to this physical partnership as Jayne brings unwavering support, trust and loyalty to the work we all do together and I “Chen” regard her as one of my best friends on the earth plane. Jayne will be surprised to find out who I am when she passes over and it will explain the deep and loving connection we have together, that’s all I am prepared to say at this moment 🙂

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  1. Bob says:

    Has Chen explained why he uses the term ‘inner etheric’ rather than ‘etheric’ when he is carrying out spirit release work? If so, what does he mean by this term?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your question, it’s a great one to ask.
      I have asked Chen to clarify and his reply was “the inner-etheric is a layer of vibration between the physical body and the etheric. Sometimes referred to as the emotional body. Here Chen and his team find many attachments that can be cleared, all of which cause many types of intrusive thoughts, especially while sleeping.
      Hope this helps.
      Regards Andy

  2. J says:

    The night before my scheduled session, I had asked Chen to appear Before me as he was preforming the clearing— I saw a man that looked like the photo above— only a bit younger— hair kept long below shoulder with a small bun up. He was wearing a blue kimono. Only to wake up to your email in the morning with this image of Chen. Crazy resemblance- hair and blue kimono.

    Thanks for the confirmation Chen and Andrew:)))))


    • Editor says:

      Hi Jenank,

      Many thanks for taking the time to provide an update, it’s great to hear your positive experience with Chen, he is a character for sure!

      Regards Andy

  3. Austine ugbebor says:

    I have a loved one that is hearing voices what do I do to stop the voices

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