4-Week Spiritual Protection Course via ZOOM – January – Part -2

4-Week Spiritual Protection Course via ZOOM – January – Part -2


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Join Andy for a 4-week Spiritual Protection Course via ZOOM – PART 2

To attend this course you will have already attended the PART 1 course, as you will need to understand and have practised the techniques and methods taught in the PART 1 course.

Time: 7pm – 9.00pm GMT (London Timezone)

Weekly Dates: 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th January 2024

12 Places Available

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • Again we will recap on spiritual protection as this is an essential part of any spiritual practice.
  • Meditations, advanced techniques such as internal body scanning and remote viewing.
  • Working with Oracle Cards, we will read for each other.
  • Andy’s guide “Chen” will make an appearance, he will answer questions, provide guidance and general talk in week three.
  • We will start to work more deeply with your own spirit guides, building a stronger authentic connection.
  • Working with “entities”, how to discern good from bad and banish the negative ones.
  • Inner child work, clearing old thought forms from parents and society.
  • We will have “open conversations” anyone can bring a topic.
  • All meditations will be recorded and available for download after the sessions.

We will also recap on the Part1 topics below:

  • “Chen” will also introduce himself for a questions and answers session.
  • Clearing your energy, before starting spiritual practice.
  • Grounding yourself correctly.
  • Checking how to test your Sovereignty before starting meditations, (no negative spiritual attachments).
  • Clearing old thought forms and removing any stagnant negative energy from your core self. 
  • Clearing your property from negative energies and attachments.
  • Clearing your family from negative energies and attachments.
  • Testing the authenticity of any “guides”, “spirits” and “entities” before entering into any telepathic dialogue.
  • Checking for curses and clearing them.
  • Detaching earthbound spirits, and moving them to the light.
  • Techniques to protect your home, finances and family.
  • The art of feeling happy and how you can achieve this when you are Spiritually clear.
  • Guided meditations and much more.

After payment, we will send you a booking confirmation email.
Zoom details will be sent out 1 week before the course starts.
(Please sign-up to Zoom, its FREE before the course starts, we can then add you to the Zoom chat room for this course, this is where we will share recorded meditations and other files).