30Khz Zapper

30Khz Zapper


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Dr Hulda Clark Zapper is a small battery-powered unit.

Dr Hulda Clark writes about the Zapper in her book available from Amazon ” The Cure From All Diseases

Dr Clark developed this electronic device with a view to kill all parasites, viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and toxins in the human body.

This device sends a very small electric current through the hands thereby killing all negative parasites etc in the blood.

Dr Clark’s research found that using a 30Khz positive DC voltage offset applied to the body kills many problems and therefore helps with increased health.

We have also found this device helps to clear and detach negative entities and therefore we have found a company based in the UK to build these Zappers for us, working with the exact original genuine circuit Dr Hulda Clark designed.

Zappers come with a velvet pouch, 2x copper electrodes and instructions.

Note we do NOT include a 9v battery for overseas orders, due to customs concerns.


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