Protective Pendants

Protective Pendants and Pyramids

Protective Pendants

(Made In the “Man Shed”)

After years of trying various different amulets and pendants for spiritual protection, I decided to ask “Chen”, what’s the best type of pendant I can wear to protect me from the various forms of negative energy we deal with on a daily basis?

I was thinking of crystals and maybe geometric symbols like the pentagram, all of which I have tried with a mixed bag of success.

In summary, I would still get attacked psychically which is not much fun, especially at 3 am in the morning.

After much research and the purchase of some small crystal chips, metal filings and clear resin I started to work on and develop my own version of a highly protective pendant. One that I can test myself and see how well it works.

Now years on, I wear one every day and find they really help to protect against negative energy in all its forms, especially negative entities, my biggest adversary on a daily basis.

Many clients that have seen me working at workshops or speaking events have noticed my pendants and asked if they are available for sale.

We recently decided as they are so helpful and protective I would spend some time in the “Man Shed” at the bottom of the garden and start making some to sell.

I now have fun making my own protective pendants and pyramids using a mix of materials and geometric symbol charms that are encapsulated into the back of the resin pendant.

Each one is unique and no two will ever be the same.
These are now available to buy in the Shop.

They are all totally unique since they have been handmade, they wont be perfect for sure, but they do really work!

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